Common Car Myths and the Truth About Them

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While a lot of adults can drive, not many of us know as much about our vehicles as we should. Sure, almost all of us have a phone on us all the time and can get in touch with a mechanic whenever the need arises, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get to know more about Dubai used cars. Here are some common myths about cars

Idling Before Driving

A common myth is that you need to warm up during the winters and as a reason, many people fire up their engines for a long time before they actually start driving. Even though vehicles do get worse fuel economy when it’s too cold and the engine needs longer to warm up in cold weather, idling isn’t needed unless your car has a carburetor, which modern cars don’t by the way.

According to auto experts, you don’t need to warm up your car for longer than 30 seconds during winter. Moreover, the engine will actually warm up faster when you are actually driving.

Air Conditioning And Fuel Economy

People are divided on this. One group believes that keeping the air conditioning on is better for fuel economy as keeping the windows down can increase the drag on the vehicle. The truth is, although keeping the windows down while driving does increase drag, it doesn’t decrease fuel economy as much as the air conditioner.

Now, that’s where our other group comes in. These people believe that they should enjoy the breeze whenever possible to get the most mileage. In theory, keeping the air conditioner on doesn’t burn a substantial amount of gas, especially if you have a newer, fuel-efficient model and not one of the old Dubai used cars

Bigger Vehicles Are Safer During A Crash

Since larger cars are bigger and heavier, they have bigger crush zones and larger hoods. This does give them an edge when we talk about frontal crashes. Occupants in heavier vehicles experience less force during accidents. Some stats even back this up, as apparently more SUV occupants survive during collisions than mini car passengers. That said, most of the new small vehicles now come saddled with advanced safety equipment and collision avoidance technology. This may actually make them safer than a decade old large vehicle.

Premium Fuel Is Better For Performance

Unless you have a luxury, performance vehicle that actually requires the higher-octane levels to make the engine run smoothly, don’t waste your money on performance fuels as a regular car doesn’t really need it.

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