How to Check Your Dubai Car’s Tire Pressure

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Due to the current situation, many used cars in Dubai haven’t been used much lately, which can affect the air pressure in tires. Most tires get flat if the car has been parked in the same position for a long period of time. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the air pressure in your tires so that your car is able to perform normally once you start driving it regularly. The experts at have prepared this guide on how to check your car’s tire pressure.

When to check your car’s tire pressure

With time, air leaks from our tires, it is important to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month. In case your car has an inbuilt pressure monitoring system, you should pay attention to it and never dismiss low-pressure warnings. It is also a good idea to check the pressure of your tire when weather changes, as rising or dropping temperatures can affect the pressure within tires. 

Equipment needed to check your tire pressure

The equipment required for checking your tire pressure is easily available at any hardware store. All you need is a tire pressure gauge and an air compressor. Ideally, you should always keep these tools in your shed in case the need arises. 

Your car will usually have a sticker stating the ideal tire pressure for your tires. If it’s not there or in the car manual either, you can search the ideal pressure for your specific tires online. 

How to check the tire pressure of your car

Each tire on your car has a Schrader valve with a thick needle in the middle. There is usually a plastic or a metal cap on this valve to keep it clean and safe from the dirt outside. To check the pressure, attach the end of the tire gauge to the end of the Schrader valve. You must align it at an angle that no air escapes the tire, at the beginning some air might pass out but you can properly align the tire gauge then.

In case the tire pressure is low, you’ll need to pump in the air through the air compressor hose. The hose is attached to the Schrader valve in the same way as the tire gauge. In case the air pressure in your tire is greater than what it should be, release the needle in the Schrader valve to expel some air. 

You should regularly check the tire pressure in your tires and keep an eye on them. You can avoid facing a flat tire unexpectedly by regularly checking pressure!

You can also get a tire pressure monitoring stethoscope. It checks for both temperature and pressure. It is one of the cool car gadgets for your Dubai used car!

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