What Made Honda Prelude Such a Popular Used Car?

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The Honda Prelude was manufactured by Honda from 1978 until 2001. Although the sports car spanned five generations, the second iteration made history. It made a debut in the automaker’s home country of Japan in 1982 and made it to other locations the following year. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace of Dubai cars for sale, did some research to share the details with you.

Second Generation Honda Prelude Performance

The Prelude was initially available in two engine variants:  A18A or ET-2, 1.8 L 12-valve twin carburetor. Later on, a model with a 2-liter DOHC 16-valve PGM-FI engine was released in Asia, Japan, and Europe. The JDM version churned out 118 kW at 6300 pm, while the European B20A1 model produced 102 kW. In Japan, a 1.8-liter engine was also available, which produced 92 kW. The company’s new “A.L.B.” anti-lock brakes were also available as an option.

The 1983 model also got a four-speed automatic that was mated with power steering. It was a great option for consumers who weren’t into the five-speed manual. Ventilated 9.1-inch front disc and 7.9-inch rear drum brakes were standard.

Second Generation Honda Prelude Exterior And Interior

The new version received a new makeover and had large glass surfaced. Design-wise, it was low to the ground and angular.

Some of these changes were a result of the new engine. The second-gen Prelude also got pop-headlights, which enabled better aerodynamic front clip and reduced drag. However, opening the headlights produced more drag. Because of the comparatively lower weight and the high power of the car, it was nimble when compared to rival offerings.

The car featured a 96.5-inch wheelbase and the size increased by 7.7. inches, which made more space for passengers in the back seat. You could also expand the 10.6-cubic-foot trunk via a bendable, lockable rear seatback. Other attractions included the large windows and the low cowl and beltline of the car. The Prelude also had a power sunroof.

The 1985 model featured standard body-colour bumpers, multi-spoke 13 x 5-inch alloy wheels, front and rear spoilers, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power windows and mirrors, cruise control, and a graphic equalizer for the cassette stereo

Second Generation Honda Prelude Popularity

This Prelude was a lot more popular than the original version in Britain and raked in a significant amount of sales at a time when the popularity of sports cars was dwindling. In fact, some heavyweights like Ford were actually quitting this segment for this very reason. The second-gen Prelude, on the other hand, did so well that it became the best selling version in the model’s 22-year history, which is quite a feat. In the U.S., 337,000 of the 832,139 Preludes sold between 1979 and 2003 were the 1983-’87 models. All in all, compared to the first generation, unit sales increase by 51 percent.

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