General Motors’ New Strategy Leaves Everybody Stunned!

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GM Motors new strategy leaves everybody stunned!
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General Motors, the brand of many used cars Dubai, has made a crucial transitional move. It is discontinuing some of its best-selling sedan models and investing in next generation cars for sale. tells you all about it.

Under the current GM CEO, Mary Barra, GM motors has revealed its new strategy leaving people stunned. General Motors is discontinuing six of its famous sedan models namely, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CT6 and Buick LaCrosse.

This decision has shaken the roots of the future of sedans as well as put a question mark on the strategies of its competitors which are still sticking to their popular sedan models like Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Passat among used cars Dubai.

The cause of this abrupt exit of the traditional sedan market by General Motors stems from the drop in sales of sedans in its major markets mainly the US markets.

People choosing SUVs and crossovers has led General Motors to shift to the production of more useful body types while cutting their losses.

This sudden move by General Motors seems extremely intense considering that some of these models were once the most beloved models for the company.

The three most surprising models facing discontinuance are:

volt used cars Dubai

1.Chevrolet Volt

A while back, Volt was an innovation by General Motors and was seen as a Tesla rival. It was a plug-in hybrid with an excellent battery and became a popular ride in no time especially among environmentalists.

The second generation Volt, launched in 2004 was a result of its booming sales and came with an even better battery power and extended charging range. Though, in 2016, the model started aging and its popularity went down as more electric cars came in the picture.

Last year, Chevrolet brought out the all new Chevrolet Bolt which we all know is the first EV in the Dubai Police Force. The model received a warm welcome with Volt becoming ancient history among used Chevrolets for sale.

Cruze used cars Dubai

  1. Chevrolet Cruze

We’ve all admired the Cruze for a very long time but it’s time to bid farewell to this all-time favorite sedan among used cars Dubai.

With fierce competition from the Japanese and Korean Automakers in the subcompact and compact sedan market, General Motors fought hard to compete with them till the Cruze was introduced in 2008.

By 2015, Chevrolet Cruze was among the top selling cars and is still a hit among used Chevrolets for sale. Though, its sales dropped by 27 percent for the year 2018 compared to the sales of 2017.

This is when the automaker realized the reason was the recent transition of consumers to SUVs from sedans especially the ones that were practical. Hence, the tragic halt to the remarkable legacy of the Cruze.

xt6 used cars Dubai

3. Cadillac CT6

A relatively recent entry to the sedan used cars Dubai market, Cadillac CT6 is a premium sedan that came into existence three years ago with the intentions of being the flagship sedan for the brand.

Even though, Cadillac did not do very well from the sales point of view, the effort put in to the planning and marketing of this model makes its exit a startling move. It’s still available in used Cadillacs for sale but its no more a part of the new car market.

General Motors is now focusing more on planning the future and on revamping the vehicles to come.

With new and advanced technology coming everyday into cars and the rivals of General Motors adding advanced tech to their models, General Motors does not want to hold back.

The next generation cars might not be just SUVs and crossovers. The push towards self-driving vehicles is strong and GM’s next rival might not just be producing electric cars.

To combat this, General Motors acquired Cruise, a company with a strong support from Honda and Softbank. It plans to invest $1 billion in the next-gen vehicles. Let’s see where that goes.

Till then, the end of these legendary cars is like an end of a sensational era. Though, if you are looking to buy any of the above models, you can still find them among used cars Dubai. Check out and you can buy a pre-inspected, pre-owned ride, completely hassle-free.