Success of Chevrolet Bolt EV Shows a Shift to Electric SUVs in UAE

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Success of Chevrolet Bolt EV Shows a Shift to Electric SUVs in UAE
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Are you considering selling car in Dubai to shift to an electric vehicle? Seems like the two things trending in the UAE nowadays are SUVs and electric cars. Car makers are trying to amalgamate the two, which is speculated to result in a rise in sales.

Just recently, the Chevrolet Bolt EV debuted in the local GM dealerships and the current reaction shows that it is attracting a lot of customers. One reason for which can be the incentives by the RTA to promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles, e.g, free parking for electric cars.

Bolt EV costs around Dh 138,000 with a 60kWH and 240hp and can do more than 500 kms. Chevrolet seems pretty confident in its analysis of the UAE market regarding the shift towards electric vehicles. It plans to deliver 20 vehicles by the year 2023. Apart from the Bolt, other Chevrolet SUVs such as Traverse are also doing pretty well.

Many other automakers like BMW and Lexus are following the trend. Lexus recently launched the Lexus ES sedan which is a 300h hybrid and claims that it can lead to 80% improvement in fuel savings. No wonder, the fastest SUV is all-electric.

It’s speculated that the main reason is an increase in the number of women drivers and their involvement in the decision to sell car Dubai and invest in an all-electric car. Though, car dealerships had to offer incentives to push sales as not everyone is going all-electric and inclined towards SUVs.

It seems like all-electric and hybrid SUVs are topping the charts in the used car market. If you’re looking to sell car Dubai and invest in an all-electric, it might be a good idea at the moment. If you are not sure where to sell your car in Dubai, visit which provides a great platform to sell cars directly to owners!