Audi has confirmed the mass production of its fully-electric SUV, E-tron Quattro, at its Brussel’s factory. Known for its 150 KW charging capacity, the E-tron will launch in September 17 from a live web-event from San Francisco! Those who want the toughness of a practical off-roader in an electric car should definitely consider this car! Get started on selling car in Dubai for a quiet and quick get-away in this next-gen EV!

Peter Kossler, a board member at management and production of logistics at Audi remarked, “The Audi E-tron is a genuine pioneer. It features innovative technologies such as virtual exterior mirrors and combines traditional Audi qualities in handling and dynamics with technical Vorsprung that goes far beyond the car. Our Brussels plant was comprehensively modernized for the production of the electric car. This is the world’s first certified CO2-neutral mass production in the premium segment.”

Audi has been making preparations since last year but things have been really amping up during the recent months. Back in July, Audi started its production in the Hungary factory, but the mass production of the E-tron will be in the Brussels plant.

Patrick Danau, the managing director of Audi Brussels, commented that Audi has itself developed the E-tron’s battery technology and drive system.

These changes were implemented systematically and involved the refashioning of the body, paint, and assembly line system. The batteries for the electric vehicles were brought to the assembly line in sequence through new driverless transport systems.

In a previous announcement Audi revealed that the all-electric SUV is fitted with a 95 KWh battery pack with two electric motors that can produce a total power output of 320 KW with a DC-charging of up to 150 KW! Stay tuned for the live-web event on September 17! You might want to consider selling car in Dubai for this “Electrified hulk”.

Looks like the combination of Electric and SUV has become a hit! Just recently, Chevrolet Bolt EV debuted with a a bigger battery capacity and a 200-hp electric motor! Since they are quick and quiet on their feet, easier to maintain, and produce fewer carbon emissions, it seems like a good idea to sell used car Dubai to shift to an electric vehicle!

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