Fuel Prices Go down as the Year Comes to an End!

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Car owners of used cars Dubai, Fuel prices go down as the year comes to an end
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Owners of used cars Dubai, it’s time to rejoice! The last month of the year brings good news for motorists: a decrease in fuel prices! CarSwitch.com tells you about it in its latest scoop.

Announced by the ministry of Energy and Industry, fuel prices are lower this month compared to November. Fuel prices have been prone to major fluctuations last year as well as this year.

Fuel prices went down in July and have been rising since the till October 2018. Fuel prices started to go down again in November 2018 and have gone down further this month. So, if you are searching used cars Dubai, it’s time to buy!

As per the announcement made, Super 98 now costs AED 2.25 per liter compared to 2.57 per litre in November. Super 95 has lowered from AED 2.46 to 2.15. E-plus will now cost AED 2.05 rather than AED 2.38 whereas diesel is now down to AED 2.61 from AED 2.87 per litre. All prices include 5% VAT.

The reason for this decline is mainly the increase in the provision of US crude oil and Saudi Arabia’s decision to stay put on its output, which altogether resulted in a significant low of Brent crude at $58 per barrel from a soaring high of $85 per barrel.

Also, Russia contributed to this decline by keeping its word of cutting down its supply urgently. Additionally, the president of Russia has assured that he would cooperate with the OPEC allies to keep the market steady and is content with the oil price.

Coming year, we hope to give you more good news hoping that the fuel prices will continue to decline. Though, most automakers are working on making fuel efficient cars in order to boost their sales.

Lower fuel prices may encourage you to search for used cars Dubai. Fuel-efficient cars are still recommended as the oil prices are unpredictable. To find a range of fuel-efficient and well-maintained cars, visit CarSwitch.com and you will not be disappointed. Happy shopping!