The Pros and Cons of a Self-Driving Car

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If you are a car collector or an enthusiast who gets a kick out of buying a car in Dubai, then you probably wouldn’t be too excited about self-driving becoming common. Regardless, as car makers find more ways of making self-driving cars efficient and as technology becomes more innovative, that day seems to be on the horizon. But before that day comes, has put together some pros and cons of self-driving vehicles!

  1. Safety: Astonishingly,90% of road accidents are a result of human blunders!It can be over-speeding, high alcohol consumption, reckless driving, not following road rules and bad reaction time. All these factors can contribute to accidents. With self-driving cars, this danger can be easily eliminated. This is good news for just about everyone!
  2. Relieves traffic crowding: Much of the traffic congestion is caused by drivers that fail to follow the proper road guidelines, are selfish and impulsive and drive under the influence of alcohol and drug abuse. To eliminate traffic problems, all you would have to do is keep a 2 to 3 car length space between you and the car ahead of you. Self-driving cars can be automatically programmed to solve this problem.
  3. Better human productivity: If you have ever traveled on a bus, train or airplane, the freed capacity of your hands, eyes and mind enables you to finish work at a much faster pace since you are not preoccupied with driving. Similarly, with self-driving vehicles, it becomes much easier to do what you could on an airplane. You can finish your projects, return your meetings and texts, read a book, make a planner, or just simply enjoy the ride to your heart’s content.

But alas, every rose has his thorn. There are some cons to watch out for as well!

  1. Designing the technology: Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Although there certainly are plenty of self-driving cars in the works, there is still a lot of technology that needs to be worked upon to create something of good, sustainable value. 
  2. Expensive: With so many futuristic and state-of-the-art features, it is pretty costly to manufacture a self-driving car. You can count on the manufacturers placing the price accordingly. In short, self-driving cars are going to be pretty expensive!
  3. The “driving” dilemma: Finally, we talk about probably the most concerning issue with autonomous cars. For those who take a kick out of racing and cruising or simply those who enjoy driving for its own sake, they wouldn’t be “driving” for the most part! For some autoheads who prefer traditional vehicles, a self-driving car may not have them jumping up and down!

For those of you out there who prefer to drive a “real” car, they are better off buying a car in Dubai or a Dubai used car to have the thrill of an “authentic” car experience. To make it easier for you, hop on to for a hassle-free driving experience! Happy shopping!