The Emirate of Fujairah is Offering 50% Discount on Impounded Vehicles!

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50% fine off for impounded vehicles, used car in Dubai
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Good news for the people in Fujairah! Traffic fines imposed on the drivers’ impounded vehicles have been cut down by 50%! If you are wondering how this discount applies to your new or used car in UAE, here’s everything you need to know!

A senior police officer from the Fujairah police remarked on Tuesday that drivers can get a 50% discount on their impounded vehicles for the month of July due to the year of Zayed.

Major-General Mohammad Ahmad Bin Ganem Al Kaabi, Commander-in-Chief of Fujairah Police declared that the discount can be availed from the 1st of July to 30th September, 2018. The discount cannot be availed after that.

The discount serves to benefit the residents at the time of the year of Zayed and at the same time, it also aims to increase drivers’ awareness regarding traffic rules and violations.

Brig. Ali bin Yawash Bin Yamani has called on the motorists to not let this advantageous period go in vain and clear out their fines.

So far, the relaxation has only been extended to the emirate of Fujairah, which means that Dubai’ans should try to adopt safe driving tips on UAE roads to avoid traffic fines since some car speeding fines have shot up to AED 3000!

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