Your Dubai Guide to Used Car Polishing and Waxing

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Keeping your car in top shape is important if you want to sell car in Dubai, and waxing and polishing are key to doing that. By polishing your used car, you can remove spotting and oxidation marks as well as minor damages caused by debris, pollution, smog, bird droppings, etc. On the other hand, waxing makes cars shiny and provides a coat to prevent against fading and also acts as a shield against scratches. Waxing is done after the car has been polished. Before you start with waxing or polishing, giving the car a good wash is an essential step!

Give the car a bath first

A lot of autoheads think that all you need to keep a car squeaky clean and sparkling is a bucket, a sponge, a dish washing soap and an old towel. This strategy wouldn’t have been so problematic if it weren’t for the dirty bucket, the used sponge and an abrasive towel. Just like with everything in life, you have to use the right tools to achieve the best results. It is true that car washes can mess with your car’s look and luster. If you have indeed decided to go the simple way, make sure to use a car wash soap, a microfiber cloth and a mild PH balanced cleanser as opposed to an abrasive dish washing soap.

Polishing your car

After the car is dried and dusted, all those pesky marks that wouldn’t go away after a good wash can be easily seen. There are two ways to polish your car. You can either hand-polish the car using a soft cloth or use an orbital buffer. Using an orbital buffer means that you would have less control over the amount of polish finish that you want. On the other hand, applying a car polish by hand would give you greater control over the finish and would also be less expensive than the orbital buffer.

Waxing the car

Once polishing is done, waxing can start. Car wax is comprised of carnauba and other waxes and is a non-abrasive substance. After the application, it dries to a light, milky-white layer and is buffed afterwards with a microfiber towel. The wax serves as a thin, protective layer over the surface coat of the car and helps to fill in the microscopic dents in the car. It can make you car shine to showroom brightness. Waxing is necessary to keep the car protected from acid rain, air pollutants and environmental contaminants. Furthermore, wax application doesn’t have to be a torturous process! Modern waxing products can be easily applied and removed. Follow the instructions on your product and consider the tips below:

  • Check with the car manufacturer’s to find out what kind of products you can or can’t use
  • Clear coats need special products so if your car has a clear coat, it is important to use wax products marked for being suitable to clear coats
  • Choose a wax that is suitable for the colour of your car. There are waxes developed for different shades of bodywork.
  • Don’t work in the sun
  • Be careful not to over apply the wax
  • Car windows shouldn’t be waxed

Waxing must be done once every three months to keep your car’s shine. Here in Dubai, since the weather is very hot, waxing before summer would be an ideal time to keep the car’s surface protected from the piercing UV rays of the sun. Polishing, on the other hand, can be done when you notice stubborn spots appearing.

Car polishing and car waxing is an important part of vehicle care. Particularly, if you want to retain value in your car and sell car in Dubai. can help you do exactly that. We provide a hassle-free selling experience! Happy switching!