Dubai Police Is Adding the Latest Electric SUV to Its Fleet!

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Dubai police is adding the latest electric SUV to its fleet!
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Electric vehicles are all the rage these days. The main reason for this is the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative which aims to promote the use of electric vehicles among the population. Dubai police has taken notice of this and the latest Chevrolet Bolt EV is now being added to the Dubai police fleet.

The Dubai Police fleet which is already world famous for having the fastest cars in the world is now aiming to become one of the most eco-friendly fleets as well by making Chevrolet Bolt EV a part of it. Eight of these electric SUVs have been added to the fleet for road patrol.

It is already known that Chevrolet Bolt EV has made its impression as an electric SUV over those looking to selling car in Dubai. What’s most impressive about the Bolt is its ability to go up to 520 kms on one single charge which is still unmatched in the electric car segment. This electric SUV by Chevrolet seems like trouble for Tesla.

The Minister of Transport and Rescue said that the partnership with Chevrolet is a step towards serving the citizens better and motivating Dubai’s population to follow the green initiative. This will have a major impact on the main goal of increasing awareness of the the advantages of electrification in the Emirate. If you want to switch to an electric car, you can check out some of the used cars Dubai.

President and Managing Director of General Motors of the Middle East, John Roth, says that they are happy to contribute to Dubai’s initiative of a greener and cleaner environment. As per the target by Dubai Mobility Initiative, around 10% of alternative fuel vehicles are to be added to the Government fleets in Dubai by 2020 and the addition of Chevrolet Bolt EV is the first step towards it.

Such initiatives by the Dubai government should be a motivating factor for car owners selling car in Dubai to switch to an all-electric vehicle. Those planning to buy a car should check out, which has a wide range of vehicles which come pre-inspected to give you a hassle-free experience!