Fine and Black Points for These Driving Mistakes in UAE!

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Fine and black points for these driving mistakes in UAE sell your car
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Motorists, beware! Abu Dhabi Police are urging the drivers to exercise caution while driving or it will lead to black points, fines and accidents. Intense accidents can lower your car’s resale value when you sell your car in Abu Dhabi as well as cause harm to you and your loved ones. tells you about the driving mistakes you better not make.

Using a mobile phone behind the wheel is classified under distracted driving under the Article 32 of Federal Law. It can lead to an AED 800 fine and four black points.

According to experts, using a phone while driving causes a delay in driver’s response. Moreover, it also leads to a greater possibility of an accident. Previously, Abu Dhabi Police has warned motorists to not use their phone to take pictures of the rain as well.

Even more, many other distractions while driving increase the chances of collision. According to the website RoadSafetyUAE, motorists making these mistakes will also incur an AED 800 fine and  four black points.

  • Eating or drinking
  • Making videos or live social media posts
  • Using a selfie stick
  • Smoking sheesha
  • Reaching for objects in the car
  • Putting on makeup or hair-styling while driving

Previously, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has also been making continuous efforts to increase awareness of the dangers of distractions while driving. Special emphasis has been given to the point that a distraction can result in a catastrophic accident in seconds.

A last year survey by RoadSafetyUAE concluded that almost 74 percent motorists in the UAE use mobile phones while driving. Old drivers as well as new drivers should avoid these costly mistakes in UAE.

These mistakes are not just heavy on your pocket but can cause harm to yourself as well as others on the UAE roads.

It is better to sell your car in Abu Dhabi if you are a dangerous driver. It is better to be safe than sorry. Visit to stay up to date on the latest car news in the UAE.