Top 7 Car Chase Cliches in Hollywood Movies!

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Top 7 Car Chase Cliches in Hollywood Movies! selling car
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Car chases are the highlight of all action movies in Hollywood. If you’re worried about the resale price when you plan on selling car in Abu Dhabi, never ever try to imitate these action sequences. These most loved car chase scenes might be thrilling to watch but can you escape from these car chases alive if they were real? lists some of the top car cliches of all time!

The Hero’s car

Almost every time, the protagonist gets confronted by the villian without a car. And guess what they do, they either choose a car randomly, break into it and start chasing the bad guy or quite literally snatch the car from someone. Or does the hero come back to return the car without a scratch? Never.

Now, either these heroes are friends with the whole city or the law just doesn’t apply to them because last we checked stealing cars was still illegal.

One way street tactic

Those involved in the car chase so smoothly drive into a one way street. It seems as if all the incoming traffic is waiting for them so that they can give them way. Not only is that totally illegal, it is a full proof plan to die, actually die hard.

Car explosions

A car chase is almost incomplete without at least one or two cars exploding in the middle of ‘literally’ nowhere. Especially, the flip and explode scene, it’s always a must. Even the slightest of touch with another car might make the car explode. Of course, it’s thrilling to watch. Though, sometimes they are exaggerated to the extent that it might make you wonder, was there a manufacturing default with this car?

Cop Cars – Most damaged cars

Can you guess which cars are most likely to bump into each other and catch a fire? Well, it’s easy, cop cars. Somehow, whenever there is a chase between the cops and the bad guy, a lot of cop cars either bump, explode or are completely destroyed. On the other hand, the bad guy who has a lavish car manages to get away unless he stops on purpose for some reason.

The unrealistic obstacles

No car crash scene does without the car crashing into wither fruit stands or cardboard boxes. The cars can get through any obstacle mostly without being disturbed and just getting on with the chase. Well, you ever bump into a fruit cart, your car will surely be destroyed. Also, more than the bad guys, everyone in the car chase seems to be more focused on destroying one thing? Healthy food. 

Reckless driving

It’s one thing to be the scariest type of driver, but pedestrians are by all means in trouble in these scenes. Imagine, if any of these car chases were real how many pedestrians are likely to be harmed. A lot of them. Moreover, the bad guys are one thing but not even the protagonist is much concerned about taking the car over the pedestrian walking even when the road is empty.

The ‘mysterious’ police

In most car chase scenes, the police are either on their way, are having their cars destroyed or are not even in the picture. Two cars are going bonkers all over the city, destroying public property and where’s the police? Must be having a doughnut. We’re sure if this kind of car chase happened in Dubai, UAE, the offenders would have nowhere to go. Especially because Dubai Police owns the fastest police cars in the world.

Well, these movies are just for entertainment. And we all enjoy these scenes no matter how cliched they might be. Although, never do the above in UAE or you’ll not only get hefty car speeding fines, you might be jailed as well.

Also, you might have to forget about selling car in Abu Dhabi or Dubai after that much damage. No one wants to buy a wrecked or exploded car. Moreover, with so much destruction, your car is never going to pass the extensive 200 point inspection by, so drive safe!