New Emergency Doctor Car Service in Dubai Can Reach the Troubled in Minutes

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If you have ever ran your Dubai used car like the wind to get someone prompt medical attention, there’s good news for you. The Dubai corporation for Ambulance services (DCAS) has launched a car that can respond to emergency cases in six minutes. It runs faster than an ambulance and has an emergency doctor on board instead of paramedics.

The advantage of the car over the ambulance is that the doctors can give medicines on the spot unlike paramedics,” stated Dr Heba Metawea, an emergency doctor at DCAS.

The cars are mainly allocated in regions of Deira, Bur Dubai and Hatta. In total, there are around four cars with emergency doctors.

We see all kinds of cases including those with heart conditions, rheumatism or other critical cases where a doctor’s expertise is needed right away,” said Dr Metawea.

The doctor treats the patients there and then and decides if treatment has to be given on the location or an ambulance needs to be called. What’s great is that there are 24 types of ambulances and they are summoned according to the emergency case.

The biggest advantage of the trusty SUV is that it can give treatment on the spot unlike paramedics. From the looks of it, the SUV seems to be a Range rover or possibly a Ford model SUV! We’ll have to spot a few more to be sure, though!

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