Taking Photos of Rain While Driving Will Get You in Trouble in UAE!

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Taking photos of rain while driving will get you in trouble in UAE
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Using your phone while driving your used car Dubai is never a good idea, be it for texting or taking pictures. As the rainy season is approaching in the UAE, Abu Dhabi police has issued a warning against taking pictures of the rain while driving. Here is the latest scoop by CarSwitch.com.

Heavy rain is expected to hit several areas in the UAE later this week and the police is taking serious notice of violations. Motorists planning to take photos of the rain while driving, be warned as it might lead to an AED 800 fine and four black points.

It’s not just about the fine, this bad driving habit can be a potential danger to you and those around you as well. Article 32 of the Federal Traffic Law of UAE categorizes the use of mobile phones under distracted driving.

According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), texting while driving increases the chances of accident by 32%. Furthermore, 50% of accidents by young drivers are caused due to the use of mobile phone while driving, which also causes a reduction in reaction time by 50%. We hope this is enough to convince you to stop before you make a costly mistake.

We hope you enjoy this rainy season, but make sure you drive your used car Dubai safely. Speaking of safety, if you are looking for a pre-inspected, well-maintained car, CarSwitch.com is the way to go! Happy switchin’!