5 Signs of a Failing Time Belt to Watch out For!

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Diagnosing a bad or failing time belt can be crucial since it is an essential part of the engine. Ignoring the symptoms of a failing time belt could put you in a dangerous situation. You could be out on the highway while it happens and it could cost you valuable time, money and a chain of other issues! So, if you are buying car in Dubai, make sure to look out for these warning signs of a failing time belt!

1. Engine misfires

Your engine may misfire as a result of a failing time belt. The crank and camshaft are driven by the pulleys that are attached to the timing belt. Sometimes, the belt can also shift on the camshift and cause the cylinder to open or close at different timings. This might cause engine misfires and if not replaced properly could result in serious engine damage.

2. Tick-tock or clicking noise from the engine

The timing belt is attached by a series of pulleys to the camshaft and cranks. The engine’s connecting rods are powered by the crankshaft that are joined to the combustion chambers. The job of the cam shaft is to operate the rocker arm assembly and cylinder valves. When the timing belt starts to get worn out, it may create some ticking sounds from inside the motor. If you notice this particular warning sound, you should get in touch with a mechanic immediately.

3. The engine will not ignite

After the timing belt breaks or snaps, the engine won’t be able to start. Once you turn on the ignition, it’s possible that you would hear the starter motor engage but since the timing belt controls the crank and camshaft, it won’t turn. The timing belt may also cause some other serious car problems such as a damaged engine.

4. Smoke from the engine

If you see too much smoke coming from the tailpipe, then you might have a problem with the timing belt. Every cylinder has two holes at the top – one for letting the air in and the other one for letting the exhaust fumes out. The opening and closing of these holes are in sync with how the cylinders and camshaft move. A damaged time belt will cause these timings to get asynchronous. The result will be too much smoke coming out of our car’s tailpipe.

5. Oil leaking from the front of the motor

It’s also common that the engine will begin to leak oil from the timing belt cover. Oil leaks can result in engine overheating and can wear out the timing belt even further.

It’s often difficult to detect that your timing belt is starting to fail until it’s broken. However, regular maintenance of your new and used car in Dubai is important if you want to keep such problems at bay!

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