Handy Annual Maintenance Calendar for Car Owners in UAE

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Annual maintenance of used cars in Dubai
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We all want ourselves and our families to be safe when on the road, right? Regular inspection and maintenance of your new and used cars in Dubai is the key to it. Contrary to what people believe, that does not have to involve breaking your bank. No more getting ripped off by a mechanic, either!

Here at CarSwitch, we have devised a handy annual maintenance calendar depending on mileage to help you out. In addition to our handy checklist, you should regularly watch out for the basics – check tire pressure, ensure all lights work properly and listen for any odd noises.

Every 5000 km

  • Get the tires rotated and balanced and the alignment checked to ensure the car drives smoothly.
  • Check the antifreeze, coolant, transmission and wiper fluids as well as the power steering fluid and get them refilled or changed as necessary.

Every 10000 Km

  • Change the oil and oil filter.
  • Check key elements for damage including brake lines, driveshaft, steering boots, gearbox, and linkage.
  • Check the exhaust system to ensure it is functioning properly.

Every 30000 Km

  • Replace the air filter for the cabin as well as the engine air filter.
  • Inspect and replace as necessary the brake pads and discs.
  • Inspect the battery and clean away any buildup. It might be time to replace the battery.
  • Thoroughly examine the fuel system, including the gaskets and hoses, fuel lines, the vent system and the gasket for the fuel tank.
  • Check the windshield wiper blades and replace if necessary.

Every 60000 Km

  • Inspect the tire tread as it is a likely time to change the tires.
  • Inspect the drive belts and get them replaced if they are worn out.
  • Check the transmission fluid and change if needed.

Every 100000 Km

  • Replace coolant for the engine.
  • Check the spark plugs and replace if needed.

Remember, preventive maintenance can save you from costly repairs later on so pay attention to your vehicle! Every car is different, so sometimes it’s best to follow a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

If you are thinking about investing in used cars in Dubai ensure the vehicle is well-maintained. At CarSwitch.com every car has been hand inspected so you can skip that hassle. Once you get your car, follow this comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure it performs smoothly in the UAE for years to come. Good luck!