The Ultimate Checklist on How to Test Drive a Used Car in Dubai!

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Have you ever bought something that looked great in photos only to find that it’s quite disappointing in real life? Well, buying a car is similar and the stakes are even higher given the strict return policies. This is why whether you buy a new or used car in Dubai, getting behind the wheel is one of the most essential steps of buying a car! Here are some tips to help you out!

Avoid delay and make an appointment

It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment as there is a fat chance that the car won’t be on the main dealer space. Cars are often parked miles away as there is only a finite space on the dealer lot. So, scheduling an appointment saves you quite a lot of time and hopefully another visit!

Let’s get behind the wheel!

The salesperson will probably give you a predetermined route of where you can go but that is probably not the best way to evaluate the car specifics. Your car should reflect the kind of drive you want and your driving requirements. So, tell the salesperson what kind of a drive you want. Once you are behind the wheel, try to evaluate these specific points:

  1. Acceleration: Does the car go downhill smoothly or jerkily? Is the power enough to go uphill?
  2. Braking: Are the brakes smooth? Does the car pull towards one side while braking? Also, watch out for some wobbling, vibration or grinding noises!
  3. Engine noise: Does the engine sound off when you strongly accelerate? Is it abnormally loud or shakes while it is running?
  4. Steering and handling: Check how responsive the steering wheel is and whether is seamless or not when you turn.
  5. Suspension: Is the car soft or rigid? How comfortably does the car drive on a bumpy road?
  6. Gauges and car controls: How easy are the gauges to read? Is a volume knob present?
  7. Seating space: Is there enough leg, hip or legroom? Try out the backseat too! Are the seats comfortable and adjustable? Also, check out the driving position and the adjustability of the pedals.
  8. Visibility: Check the car’s visibility and see how easy it is to look out of the car. Check the view from all the places including the rearview mirror.

When back at the dealer shop, recheck anything you might have missed earlier and remember not to discard the little warning signs that can become real problems later on!

Check out the tech too!

A car’s tech features should also be considered when buying new or used car in Dubai. Consider these features when checking out the tech.

  1. Bluetooth: To try audio streaming, pair your phone and make a few test calls to measure the effectiveness.
  2. Infotainment screen: Is it user-friendly enough for you to use ? How easy is it for you to perform basic functions such as changing audio sources or radio stations?
  3. Smartphone apps: Some people consider apps like Apple carplay or android Auto to be the most important tech features. If they are essential for you, then test out a model that has them
  4. Navigation: Is the map detailed enough and the street names visible? How easy is it to put in data?
  5. Back up camera: Does the car have one? Is the picture quality blurred or clear? 

So, there you go! This was our ultimate checklist on how to test drive a car before you consider buying it! You can also check out a step-by-step car buying guide on! And after you are done buying a new or used car in Dubai, you can get the best insurance quotes from the top car insurance companies in Dubai through ServiceMarket.

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