Car Buying Guide for Dubai Residents

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guide on how to buy a car in Dubai, UAE
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Buying a car in the UAE can be a challenging task but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right guidelines, you can buy a car in Dubai, UAE without too much hassle. CarSwitch brings you some useful tips on how to buy used cars in Dubai, UAE without too much stress and get the best value. Good luck!

Get Your Priorities Straight

The obvious first step in buying the car of your dreams is figuring out your requirements, your likes, and dislikes. Focus more on functionality rather than extra features. Figure out the type of car you need, how many passengers it will be carrying and the features required (e.g. Navigation) before you start hunting for a car.

Stay Within Budget

Knowing your budget will let you filter through the options accordingly so you can save time and only view cars in Dubai, UAE you can realistically afford. Instead of getting distracted by grand cars and falling for the arguments of sketchy sales agents, focus on what your budget permits.

Shop Around

Check out cars that meet your requirements across different dealerships in Dubai. Also, try large dealer locations like Al Awir. If you are not prepared to deal with agents and don’t have the time for visiting different locations, take a look at cars online on dubizzle or in newspaper classifieds. Bear in mind that buying used cars in Dubai, UAE from a dealer means paying a 25-30 percent premium compared to buying straight from the owner.

Inspection and Test Drive

 Even if it was love at first sight, don’t make the mistake of skipping the inspection. Make sure you check the exterior, interior, engine, tires, and brakes with the help of a certified mechanic. Always take the car for a test drive and look out for other factors such as comfort, noise level, the functionality of different components and odd noises.

Check Those Records

Make sure the car is under warranty and check the service records, major repairs, and accident history to make an informed decision. It will also help you figure out whether the car is worth buying and potentially allow you to negotiate a lower price which brings us to the next pointer.

Negotiate the Price

Even if it is beyond your comfort zone, haggling can have some cost benefits because the price of the car is always up for debate. Also, avoid any unnecessary dealer add-ons to lower the cost. Make an offer based in the ballpark of the average price you learned through research and use researched facts to bolster your argument.

Reserve the Car

Once you have agreed on a suitable price, seal the deal by reserving the car through a down-payment or deposit. Typically, this will be without paperwork but make sure you get in writing under what conditions the deposit is refundable (e.g. if the car’s condition changes or the bank denies your loan application).

Arrange Finance

Cash deals may be the easiest but they are not always possible. In some cases, to pay the rest of the cost you might need to arrange to finance. Before you sign any documents, make sure you fully understand the process and conditions. Arranging finance might take a couple of weeks so inform the seller beforehand.

Get the Paperwork Done

Once you have finalized the decision to buy a car in Dubai, UAE, you will need to get the necessary paperwork done. The final step in closing the deal is getting the car transferred in your name. Have all the relevant documents at hand before you visit the RTA office. You will need an Emirates ID, a copy of your driver’s license, passport or residency visa, and insurance documents. ServiceMarket can help you get free insurance quotes from top car insurance companies in Dubai.

Still feeling overwhelmed? You can avoid all the hassle of buying a used car in Dubai, UAE with the help of CarSwitch. Let CarSwitch professionals handle the process on your behalf from A to Z while you sit back and relax. Buying a car in Dubai, UAE has never been easier! Happy switchin’!

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