Blooming in the car industry’s heart in Detroit, Tula technology, a start-up at Silicon Valley is ready for the launch of its 10-year innovation: A dynamic skip-fire engine, which is a technology that rapidly starts and stops your Dubai used car’s cylinders’ individually based on the driving conditions of the moment.

Old concept, new tech

Dubai used car

Practically, it doesn’t take all of the engine’s energy to push the car all the time. Believe it or not, but a 28 horsepower is more than enough to push a 2700 pound GMC Yukon Denali at 65 miles per hour on a highway in a Dubai used car. That is barely a fraction of the engine’s 6.2L, V8 horsepower and tells that there is no need for the engine to run at maximum horsepower.

And that’s where the awesomeness of the DSF tech comes in! The DSF’s software makes calculations about how much torque a car needs. The calculations can be done as quickly as 200 times on an eight cylinder engine and 100 times per second on a four cylinder engine. Based on how much torque a car needs it shuts down the unnecessary cylinder to save fuel.

The DSF will debut this year with GMC Sierras and Chevrolet Silverados with 5.3L and 6.2L V8s. Ofcourse, the idea of cylinder skipping or deactivation isn’t new and has been around for quite some time. But those set-ups are quite simplistic and binary. Either half the cylinders are running or all of them and there is also a lot of random switching back and forth. For example, a V-6 will shut down only one row of cylinders and a V-8 will shut down the inner cylinders in one row and outer cylinders in the other row.

The combination is based upon the principle that which cylinders when combined together produce the least amount of vibration. Only a few cylinders can be switched off and the the conventional technology doesn’t have the liberty to choose and power off any cylinder they want.

How DSF differs

Dubai used car
This is where the DSF technology is different. It can pick up any combination of cylinders, calculate which combination of cylinders would create the least combined noise and vibration. For every, 90 degree turn of a crankshaft on a V8, the DSF engine makes a decision.

How many cylinders are turned on at the moment is based on the amount of torque your Dubai used car needs at the moment. Furthermore, which cylinders have to be run is based on how they interact with each other based on vibration and noise ratio.

If a DSF decides that it needs four cylinders to traverse through a highway, then it can also judge that the cylinder combination of 1,3,5, and 7 is the best and smoothest running combination right now.

Such innovative technologies might make you believe that your car is going to run forever. For more on car news, tips and reviews, hop on to, where you can also buy a Dubai used car for a hassle-free process! Good luck, switching!