4 Assistive Car Devices for People with Disabilities

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If you are disabled or know someone who is, then you would know about the struggle that physically challenged people go through when getting into their cars, let alone driving it. CarSwitch.com has come up with a list of 4 accessories designed for disabled people to drive their Dubai used car easily!

  1. Tri-Pin steering knob

Dubai used car

The tri-pin steering knob is an accessory designed for people with restricted strength in their hand or wrist. The device makes it possible for you to steer the car with just one hand. The accessory allows the driver to put their hands between the three pins of the device to give them maximum control of the steering wheel.

The swift release function of these car accessories also ensures easy installation and de-installation so that they can be used on any other Dubai used car.

  1. Car caddy

Dubai used car
Car caddy is an accessory that makes it easier for disabled people to get out of their car easily. It can be removed and fixated on the window frame of any car. Car caddies are made of sturdy and thick nylons that can be adjusted to fit the needs of a disabled person. The grip is made out of a rubber contour that is made of a no-slip material that prevents injuries occurring from accidents.

  1. Car handle Plus

Dubai used car
The Car handle plus is another car accessory that makes it easier for people with disabilities to sit and get out of their Dubai used car as easily as possible. It is possible to attach and detach the accessory within a matter of minutes. There is a U-shaped striker in the plates of these accessories that ensure that in the instance of a side-collision, the door remains closed.

The ergonomic handle is made of a non-slip material and also has a torchlight that is useful during emergencies.

  1. Infrared car remote control

Dubai used car
An infrared car remote control allows the handicap drivers to manage their remote controls to manage the secondary controls of their car. Installed directly into the steering wheel, it uses infrared technology to enable drivers to maintain control over their windshield wipers, horn , signal indicators and headlights. This device can also be charged and removed through an outlet through the battery charger of the device.

Using helpful gadgets in the car have assisted many people in Dubai in getting behind the wheel again and improve their driving experience as well. It’s great to see that people with restricted mobility can now perform these tasks without any hassle.

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