Traveling by Car During COVID-19 is a Safe Option?

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 The world is going through one of the biggest crises in history, COVID-19. The pandemic has affected our daily routines. As we enter into the new normal, we are advised by the health care individuals and the authorities to follow the SOP. It is advised that we do not go around unless necessary. But sometimes there are chores that we have to do. Traveling in our own car is the least we can do. Public transport must be avoided at any cost. So, if you are planning to buy a car in dubai, this is the time.

Are we really safe if we travel in our own car? 

The answer to this is yes, we will be much safer and can avoid being in contact with people. We can do pick-ups of our groceries and food items if we order them in advance. But there are certain things that we cannot avoid and have to go out for them. In such cases where going out is unavoidable, we need to follow some simple guidelines and travel by car only. 

Wash your hands before getting in the car and after getting out. Keep your distance, and travel alone. Sanitize your hands. Even if a friend asks for a lift, refuse politely, especially if you have kids. 

In case you cannot avoid going alone, protect yourself and other passengers by wearing facemasks and sanitize hands before entering the car. Normal facemasks are a sign of consideration towards other people but will be of little use at this time, try using a face-gear if you can. Take contact details of all the passengers, so you can inform each other in case anyone gets affected. 

Disinfect your car daily and thoroughly, and when having passengers, do it quite a few times. Focus on all the places that get in contact while sitting inside and getting out of the car. 

Disinfect the whole car inside and outside when getting off the car. These are a few places that need your attention. 

Interior parts of the car to be disinfected are: 

  • Steering wheel 
  • Gear-stick and hand brake 
  • Door handles  
  • Radio and infotainment controls 
  • Indicators 
  • Dashboard 
  • Vipers  
  • Elbow rests 
  • Position control 
  • Seat position controls 
  • Door  
  • Car keys – if you get a fuel refill 

Parts of the exterior that you must disinfect:

  • Door handles 
  • Back of the front seats 
  • Windows  
  • Car boot handles 

These are the most important because if you are driving the car, only you will be touching the places like the steering wheel, gear, indicators, etc., but the car doors handle and windows might be touched by any of the passengers or people outside as well. Also, disinfect the places where air-borne particles might land.
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Try the contactless payments method wherever available. Also, try to get the car tank filled up full, this way there will be no need to get in contact by giving away your car keys unnecessarily. Keep car keys disinfected and avoid handing them over to valets. Use a self-filling petrol station if possible. Look for available parking online, call to check or book a parking space, when visiting a mall. Do not enter any shops that are not following COVID-19 SOPs.  

The best way to disinfect the car is with any product with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth. You can spray and then rub the cloth over or dip the cloth and rub it on all the surfaces. It will not damage any of the surfaces. However, do not soak the surfaces because that or cleaning them rigorously might lead to discoloration. So, avoid scrubbing hard. Moreover, avoid any products with ammonium and hydrogen peroxide.  

Thoroughly air your car after disinfecting, also it is advisable to use some kind of disinfecting spray for the air-conditioning unit. 

Staying at home is the safest option. Yet, we cannot avoid going out altogether because it is not possible. We need to get food, medicines, and travel for work, but following the guidelines will be helpful to stop the virus from spreading. So public transport is not a good option especially if you have your own car. Moreover, experts around the globe are of the view that people traveling in personal cars are less prone to get themselves affected and can protect themselves so why not?

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