8 Car Driving Tips for Beginners in Dubai

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car driving tips dubai
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Driving is a life skill. Learning any skill and then mastering it takes time and practice. It is a challenge that we take and might struggle at a certain level but with focus and persistence, we get the hang of it. Driving is likewise. We learn it, then practice and keep on learning while driving.

But there are certain things that no driving school can feed in our brains in a week or two. Such things we learn and master over time and then they become our habit. CarSwitch, an online marketplace where you can find cars for sale in Dubai, has listed a few things that can help a beginner driver. Nonetheless, we must remember that even the best drivers in the world went through this phase and learned this skill. 

  • Getting to Know Your Car 

Whatever car you are driving, either you own it or not, you have to get familiar with it before driving. Go through the handbook of the car if possible. Next, check out the foot controls, brakes, knobs, the heating and cooling system, windows, locks, steering wheel, and the gears. Get inside the car and out, wear the seat belt and take it off and check all the functions.  

  • Adjust Your Seat and Mirrors 

Every car has a different adjustable seating position. Change it and adjust to your liking and comfort. Comfort should never be ignored while driving because if you are not comfortable, it is not safe. Also, check the position of your mirrors; you cannot afford any blind spots. 

  • Feeling Your Car Wheels 

In order to drive smoothly, you will have to learn and keep in mind the positions and distance of your car wheels. You can learn this by putting an object in front of your car wheels and at the back as well. You will get to know how to avoid potholes, the right distance when braking, and how much you need to reverse when needed.

  • A Confident Driver Is A Safe Driver 

Do not think what others are thinking about you or will think? Do not worry if a driver behind you is flashing lights or giving loud horns. You must be confident otherwise you will lose focus and a nervous driver is not a safe driver. But you cannot be overconfident as well. You have to follow all the rules while handling the weather conditions and traffic. After all, driving is a dangerous activity and it gives you a kind of freedom that no one else can so you have to keep your emotions in check. 

  • Input Level and Speed 

Start with slow speed, as a beginner you are not aware of the correct input levels for your accelerator and brake. Figure out how much power should be used for each and go for slow speed. Gradually you can increase the speed, but do not forget that most accidents take place due to high-speed driving. It is recommended that you drive on empty or very low traffic roads in the beginning. Only after you have spent enough time sharpening your skills, you must go for the busy roads.

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  • Don’t Tailgate and Don’t Get Confused Getting Tailgate 

Never tailgate, always maintain a safe distance from the other cars. It will be safe for not only you but others as well. Yet, you will have to get used to tailgate, especially in big metropolitan cities, it is a daily occurrence. People will give horns and try flashing lights to make you increase your speed. Do not get confused. No one will take responsibility if you get a ticket or get into an accident because someone was pressurizing you with loud horns. Be confident and stay safe. 

  • Follow the traffic lights and Use Your Indicators and Horns Correctly 

Don’t ever break a signal. Even after the light turns green, look at both sides, before moving. Also, use the indicators all the time properly and try not to use too much horn. 

  • Learn the Basic Mechanics of Your Car 

Cars tend to break down in the least expected places. Learn how to change a tire, pop the hood, put in water and oil, so when a mechanic is not available, you can do something to get the car started. Driving is a skill and an art. You cannot learn it all at once. It can only be mastered with practice over time. Just remember to stay confident and stay safe.

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