How to Change Your Car Tyre: 10 Steps

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steps to change car tyre
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This article is for all the new drivers out there, especially the ladies. Because most of the females have no experience in this field. That’s true because either someone male from the family does it for them or a professional is called. The new drivers especially the younger ones too have to learn it because there might be times when we are not able to reach someone for help, like somewhere far from home or traveling on a longer route, etc. Our advice to every one of you is to never travel without a spare wheel along with all the necessary tools in your boot. , an online marketplace to sell your car in dubai, prepared this guide to help you learn how to change your car tyre.

Even if you are not planning to do it regularly, the basic knowledge might come in handy someday. So here we go. First, we are listing down the tools that you must need, provided you have your spare tire. 

  1. Jack 
  2. Wrench 
  3. Wheel chocks 
  4. Wheel nut key 
  5. Car handbook
    There are also a few more things that can be useful. 
  6. A pair of gloves 
  7. Torchlight – it might be dark 
  8. A warning triangle 
  9. A plank of wood – to set the jack
  10. Tire pressure gauge 

Changing a car tire is not that difficult of a job. It is, in fact, pretty easy provided you are ready to put in some physical effort. So, when you get a flat tire, just don’t stop your car right away. Look for some safe place as it is going to take some time. Make sure you have the spare tire as well as all the tools with you and follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: 

Look for a flat stable place. Avoid any slopes or soft ground. The place needs to be solid and stable. 

Step 2: 

Apply brakes and make all the passengers come out if you have any company along. Put your car in the ‘Park’ position.  

Step 3: 

Put wheel chocks on all the tires but if you don’t have them use some heavy objects behind the opposite wheel of the wheel that you need to change. You can look around for stones or bricks. Even the spare tire can do the job for now. 

Step 4: 

Loosen the wheel nuts when the car is still on the level. Use the nut opening wheel wrench. Don’t take off them completely at this point because you will be lifting the car up with the help of jack. Just unbolt as it will be difficult to unbolt them later. 

Step 5: 

Now take the jack and position it on a flat place near the flat wheel. And jack up the car. Don’t raise it too high but enough to take off the wheel easily, the standard is around 10 cm to 15 cm. But you can also check from the handbook that comes along with the car as every car has its own level as well. If you notice any instability in the car, lower the jack and check again the chocks and position of the jack and then raise it again.

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Step 6: 

Remove the nuts, carefully pull out the wheel and place it on the ground/road. 

Step 7: 

Mount the spare wheel. Make sure that the tire is not placed in the wrong direction and the nut holes align with the slots. Place the nuts into the holes but tighten them with your hands only. 

Step 8: 

Now lower the jack slowly until the tire touches the ground. Tighten the nuts with the wrench. Make sure the tire is properly fixed and bolts are fixed in place too. 

Step 9: 

Now lower the jack completely and put it back in the boot. Recheck the nuts and make sure they are intact fully. You can put the wheel cover on as well at this point. 

Step 10: 

The basic job is done, put the tools and the spare tire in the boot and you are good to go. Don’t forget to give your flat tire for repair as soon as possible. The mechanic can guide you if the tire is repairable or you need to replace it. 

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