Deal or No Deal: Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato and DB4 Continuation

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Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato comes in a deal!
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If you’re a die-hard fan of Aston Martin, you’re in for a treat! Aston Martin unveiled its latest DBS GT Zagato at the Newport Concours in Rhode Island and it looks stunning. However, instead of just buying this car for sale, you’ll also be getting a DB4 Zagato Continuation for a total price of £6 million. Yes, you heard it right folks, you’re getting an all or nothing deal from Aston Martin. tells you about it in this latest scoop.

Aston Martin will be creating 19 pairs for these two models and buyers will have to buy the classic DB4 Zagato Continuation with the latest DBS GT Zagato. Zagato is a well-known coach-builder which has been working in collaboration with Aston Martin for quite some time now. Zagato worked on the DB4 GT in the 1960s and now, its back with a bang by working its magic on the DBS GT Zagato. 

Aston Martin Zagato wheel car for sale

Even though the DBS GT is based on Superleggera platform, it looks nothing like it. Covered by black and gold accents, this new DBS GT differentiates itself with it’s Zagato signature double-bubble roof, circular tail lamps along with 18-carat gold accents. It is finished in a marvelous Supernova Red paint and features grille with black anodized metal. Moreover, it also gets satin black and gold 3D machined wheels. With rich finishes and elements, it is surely one of the cars that the celebrities and royals would love to drive.

Under the hood, Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato packs a 5.2L, twin turbo V12 which churns out an incredible 760hp. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the DB4 GT Zagato has a 4.7L Inline-size engine with 390 hp and is connected to a 4speed manual transmission. The DB4 GT Zagato will be for track use only whereas DBS GT Zagato will be street legal. 

Aston martin Zagato car for sale

If this isn’t enough for you, the interior of this car has the world’s first automotive carbon and metal 3D printed finishing. The car maker says that this car takes 100 hours of 3D printing to produce as it used a technology known as physical vapor distribution. The interior is covered with Caithness Spicy Red leather and has gold or carbon fibre elements. All in all, with such impressive qualities, this car deserves to be a part of the James Bond Collection.

This car for sale is an exciting addition to the upcoming supercars of 2020, but like many others, it carries a mighty price tag. With only 19 pairs to be made, we can’t even be sure if it will make it to the UAE, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Also, you can keep a lookout for your favourite new and used cars in Abu Dhabi on

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