Five Modern Cars Designed to Make You Go ‘Wow’ Even After 50 Years

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You must have seen a car that leaves you ‘spell bound’ even after many years. It’s all thanks to the engineering and design expertise that goes into making cars so memorable that even after a boatload of years have passed, they exude the same ‘wow’ factor. Here, we look at five modern cars that have been engineered to make you drop your jaw drop no matter how many years have passed. You can even buy limited editions of some of these or used cars in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari Monza SP2

A prime example of a classic car that’s probably etched in your memory. For those that don’t know, the Ferrari Monza SP2 is based on the 812 Superfast model and simply put, it’s a beauty. The engine is neatly tucked in the front, and with its low-profile seating, you can easily be mistaken for driving a high-speed automobile. In an era where vehicles are coming out of production facilities with electric engines, it will be interesting to see how the Ferrari Monza SP2 fares after a few decades.

Porsche 935

Porsche is already known for churning out iconic pieces that have been set in stone when you look at automobile transitions and look back at history. The 935 is a clear example of that, and it takes inspiration from the previous-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS and changed it into something that only the luckiest of 70 owners will be able to get their hands on. In order to celebrate the 70-year anniversary of the legendary brand, the new Porsche 935 was shown off at Laguna Seca last year and it’s safe to say that a lot of people will remember this piece for years to come.

Ferrari P80/C

Another Ferrari has shown up on our list and it isn’t without merit. The P80/C is based on the Ferrari 488 GT3, which is a classic in nearly every car enthusiast’s book, so to bring the P80/C out is something out of a fairy tale. Let us hope Ferrari will make this model accessible to more people down the road.

Brabham BT62

The Brabham BT62 was originally intended for track racing, but there’s a way to legally drive it on the road. Unfortunately, just 70 units designed for track racing will be produced and if you can hear a loud whirring sound popping from the engine in the distance, you know you have a beast called the Brabham BT62 that’s making short work of the opposition on the tracks.

Ford GT MkII

The Ford GT40 model is a supercar nearly everyone remembers by name, and thanks to the new and improved GT MkII, we’re confident both names are remembered for as long as the automaker remains in business. Sadly, reports state that only 45 units of the GT MkII will be produced, but at least you can have a nice memory of the car. 

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