Factory Restoration Programs: Vintage Workshops, Restored Cars, And More

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While newer cars have their own charm, there is something about vintage cars that set them apart. Many car enthusiasts are reluctant to let go of the classics and they are indeed a prized position. In fact, this has given birth to a whole industry, one which automakers want in on. So, if you were on the verge of selling your car in Dubai just because you thought no one was equipped to take care of them, here are some manufacturers that will keep them in top shape:

BMW Group Classic

The BMW Group Classic’s headquarters is located in Munich, Germany. The automaker provides restoration services on the site. The centre also doubles as a showroom as well as a parts counter. BMW also houses, services, and rebuilds its own heritage cars at the headquarters. As you might be aware, factory classic programs, including BMW’s, also sell restored vehicles. On top of it, trained technicians can also prepare a BMW Group Classic Vehicle Certificate that details the correctness of the specifications of the car you are restoring. U.S. consumers can also get a technician to fly down to a BMW Certified Classic Center to service classic models.

Aston Martin Works Heritage

Aston Martin Works’ Heritage Division fabricates vintage cars, putting in a copious amount of work. The new Continuation facility at Newport Pagnell allows technicians to work at multiple continuation cars at the same time. At the facility, traditional coach building techniques are paired with modern technology for the reproduction of classics, such as the original DB4 GT Zs. The company says that each vintage car needs about 4500 hours of work. What’s worth mentioning is that no matter what the nature of the job is, the automaker has a fixed rate.

Jaguar Classic Works

Jaguar Classic Works provides both restored and recreated vehicles. Originally, E-type vehicles were renewed using original parts and genuine craftsmanship. Later in 2015, the scope was extended, and six all-aluminium Lightweight E-type GT were reproduced, to complete the originally intended batch of 18 that was planned in 1963. Then in 2016, it cranked out 9 hand-built Jaguar XKSS cars. Quite recently, the third continuation series was also announced and the company aims to produce 25 D-type racers to meet the original goal of 100.

Lamborghini Polo Storico

This center was opened in 2015 and it serves to archive, certify, and restore classic Lamborghinis. Additionally, this is where original spare parts are available. The facility also focuses on cars that haven’t been produced for a decade or more. Anyone looking for refurbishments should be prepared to wait for a good six months at least, with some restorations requiring up to two years. Third-party experts are also hired, who work with the automaker to maintain a database of technical documents, historic photographs, design blueprints, and supplier information. This helps ensure that the work being done is accurate and in line with the original craftsmanship. 

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