7 Essential Car Maintenance Tools

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As a car owner, you should keep some tools in your garage or the trunk of your car. They can prove to be useful for some general maintenance tasks and to fix small issues. The experts at CarSwitch.com have compiled a list of tools that you should consider investing in to keep your Dubai used cars running and in good condition. 

  1. A set of wrenches: A good wrench set is extremely important for all kinds of maintenance tasks. Wrenches come in a number of sizes and shapes, ranging from 6mm to 30 inches. The most commonly used wrenches are between the lengths of 21 and 24 mm. Just an extra tip: wrenches made of chrome-vanadium alloy tend to last the longest. 
  2. Ratchets and sockets: It’s essential to keep ratchets and sockets in your tool kit. Like most instruments, they also come in a variety of different sizes. The typical three sizes for ratchets are: small (about ¼”), medium (measuring ⅜”) and large (½”). Out of these, the larger and smaller ones are used more commonly. You can buy them individually or get an entire kit. A socket kit contains all the essential sizes you need. 
  3. Hand-held pliers: Handheld pliers are absolutely necessary for tasks like cutting wires, removing electric connectors, etc. We recommend getting a few regular pliers and a separate one for cutting wires. Adjustable pliers that can be adjusted to different sizes are also available in the market. 
  4. Screwdrivers and screws: A toolkit is not complete without screwdrivers. Having different sizes of screwdrivers ensures you have the right tools for any size of screw. 
  5. Multimeter: A multimeter helps diagnose and troubleshoot a variety of problems. It also allows us to measure voltage and amperage and check the car battery. Be sure to invest in a good one. 
  6. Carpenter’s hammer: Applying force on a specific spot can be challenging without a carpenter’s hammer. A standard ball pen hammer is ideal.
  7. A lifting car jack: It’s absolutely essential for changing a tire. Since they can be expensive, you can also utilise the mechanical jack that comes with the car. 

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