Your Items Left Behind in Dubai Taxis Are in Safe Hands

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In the first semester of 2019, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (RTA) returned 70% of the items left behind that were reported by the clients. The items left behind included passport, cash, gold bars, electronics and cheques. So, if you opt for a taxi instead of your used car in Dubai and leave behind an article, RTA will ensure you get your lost possession back.

During the first six months of this year, DTC returned 5,220 lost items to clients — whether reported by clients through DTC Call Centre or returned by taxi drivers. Items found were either returned to owners or referred to Dubai Police, Dubai Airports and other entities for handing over to owners in case reported,” stated Dr. Yousaf Al Ali, the CEO of DTC.

DTC has opened up several channels that enable the taxi drivers to report lost items through the Customers Happiness Centre at Muhaisna. They can also drop an e-mail to or contact their Call Centre, 8009090. 

Similarly, taxi riders are urged to be more careful with their belongings and to report the lost items as soon as possible.

Dr. Ali further stated that DTC has a control focus installed with smart advancements for checking the taxi activities, the driver performance, administration quality, emergency cases, and clients belongings. DTC focuses on the vision of integrity and genuineness among staff and ensures that superior professional morals are always a top priority. Adherence to these standards adds to understanding RTA’s vision and making the community more satisfied.

Taxi riders are able to report the lost items through RTA’s Customer Happiness Centre at Muhaisina. You can also call the Call centre at 8009090 or e-mail the RTA through 

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