123 Abandoned Cars Seized by the Police in Sharjah

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As part of the campaign dubbed “Do Not Neglect Your Vehicle”, Sharjah Police have confiscated 123 vehicles in coordination with the municipality. So, if your used car in Sharjah has been parked at a public place for a long time, then it may soon be impounded by a police patrol! CarSwitch.com talks about the details of this campaign below.

Lt-Col Ahmed Al Meri, director of the community police section explained that vehicles that have been parked in public places and left unattended for a long time will be targeted. He further added that throughout the summer abandoned vehicles parked in secluded places will be towed away. The same goes for vehicles that have been parked and block traffic in industrial and residential areas.

 “Abandoned cars become a den of criminals and distort the general appearance of the Emirate,” he said.

He also added that the police first gave a warning to the owners of these abandoned cars and gave them a period of 72 hours to move the parked vehicles. Since the owners of these used cars in Sharjah didn’t respond to the warning, the police decided to impound the vehicles and transfer them to an impoundment area. 

The campaign has been launched to further enhance the safety and security in the Emirate and to discourage car thieves. In addition, the campaign is also a part of the municipality’s vision to keep the aesthetic nature of the Emirate intact.

Used cars parked in public places are also prone to dust and theft when they are left abandoned for prolonged periods. Saed Bu Rahaima, director of inspection operations at the municipality, said that the vehicle owners must put someone in charge of cleaning their car clean during their absence.

Vehicle owners must use private parking spaces to park their cars instead of any random or traffic obstructing area.

Additionally, used cars in Sharjah that have no number plates, and have “car for sale” boards without permission would also be confiscated.

The Sharjah Police along with the municipality is urging the community to abide by the rules through social and other media channels. Moreover, the inspectors are also responding to complaints that the municipality call centre receives.

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