How Old? Vehicles with expired tyres can incur a fine of AED 500 and 4 black points

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Not only do old and damaged car tyres affect the resale value of your car in case you want to sell your car but they can also cause accidents. Recently, the Abu Dhabi police released a warning for motorists who have damaged or expired tyres.

The Abu Dhabi police warned motorists that they will face the following penalties if caught with unfit tyres:

  • A fine of AED 500
  • 4 black points
  • Vehicle impoundment for one week

The directorate of traffic and patrols stated that in the first half of 2019, two read users were killed and eight injured due to accidents caused by tyre explosions. 

During this time period, the Abu Dhabi Police seized and fined a total of 5,376 vehicles for having tyres that were expired or damaged.

The police have urged used car owners to follow this checklist for proper tyre maintenance:

  1. Evaluate the tyre condition frequently
  2. Check air pressure
  3. Vehicle renewal test is passed by the car

The police further stated that any cracks or damages can result in grave traffic accidents and possibly death. Moreover, travelling with poor and expired tyres is fraught with danger, especially in the summer when the temperatures soar to almost 50 degrees celsius.

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