How to Ensure Your Car Retains Its Resale Value in the UAE?

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retain resale value before you sell car in Dubai, UAE
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Your car can depreciate by tens of thousands of dirhams within a few years. This is especially problematic in Dubai where people swap their cars within 3 years. The million dirham question is what steps to take to reduce and slow down your car’s depreciation so you can sell car in Dubai, UAE more easily. Experts at CarSwitch have put together 5 simple tips to save you thousands.

  1. Maintain service history:  You won’t get good value for your car in Dubai if you don’t take it for regular tune-ups, tire rotations, and oil changes. Follow this easy maintenance calendar to keep your car in shape. Also remember, service records are the only way for you to prove to the buyer that the car is well maintained. So keep them handy!
  2. Buy extended warranty: Buyers feel much more comfortable buying a car which is still under warranty. Consider investing in an extended warranty when you buy your car from the dealer. Forgot to get the warranty? You can buy a 1 year extended warranty for just AED 1500! Call us at  and we can help!
  3. Keep it clean: Try to avoid getting the exterior dented or scratched and wash it regularly. You can also preserve the condition of your car’s interior by buying covers for the seats, steering wheel, and floor mats.
  4. Stay out of the sun: Dubai’s hot weather and sand can make your car’s exterior look old. Cracks can appear on your dashboard and paint can become dull. So, park your car in your garage or keep it covered if you want to sell car in Dubai, UAE.
  5. Clean up before you sell: Even the best-maintained cars can seem to be in poor shape because of minor visual defects. Before you show your car for sale, get it professionally cleaned and serviced. Simple things like polishing away scratches and re-gassing the AC can substantially change the buyer’s perception of your car.

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