Updated 2021 BMW-5 Series Luxury Sedan Revealed

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The marvelous seventh-generation BMW 5-Series were officially unveiled in 2016. In 2021, they are getting an update and are set to mesmerize the audience with newer and better features. The changes incorporated in the 2021 model are pretty noticeable. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for used cars for sale in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you.


The updated BMW-5 series showcases a kidney grille design; the grille appears to be wider and bigger in size than the previous models. The headlights are shaped differently than those of the previous models. LED technology has been used to make the headlights significantly better at their function and they also contribute to the sleekness of exterior. Moreover, the taillights have been redesigned into an L-shape, this pairs well with the shiners of the front of the car’s exterior. 

Updated technology features

Moving on, the interior has very little visual changes when compared to the previous model. The most significant change is the iDrive 7; BMW has outdone itself in the infotainment department. A much welcomed upgrade of a 12.3-inch instrument cluster is made to the hardware of the model. It comes with a same sized center touchscreen, this provides the highest level of tech support to the driver with a considerable ease. The staff at BMW revealed that the tech suite has quicker response time compared to all other cars, this is paired with aesthetic visuals and easier to understand menu options. 

Powertrain offerings

The upgraded model will retain the same old powertrain offerings. The powertrain offerings consist of 530i, 530e, 540i and M550i. The new model has better power courtesy of the mild hybrid system; this makes it more efficient than the previous models. The new model will be an inch longer than the previous one although there are no significant changes made to the interior. 5 adults can be comfortably seated given the spacious interior.

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Interior and the cabin

 Synthetic leather has been used on the seats; this provides the driver and the passengers with comfort. Moreover, synthetic leather is durable and lasts longer. It is also able to sustain harsh weathers. However, this has attracted much criticism. Critics question the use of synthetic leather in place of real leather. The staff at BMW has countered this criticism by stating countless benefits of synthetic leather. 

It lasts longer and is much easier to maintain and care for. The new model also comes with several security systems; it features emergency braking and warnings in case of a possible collision. The infotainment provides statistics and tips that help enhance the performance and fuel economy. 
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