Don’t Leave Your Hand Sanitisers and Gloves in the Car, Abu Dhabi Police Warns

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The Abu Dhabi Police have warned about the dangers of leaving sanitizers and gloves in the car as the heat surges., an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Abu Dhabi, did some research to share the details of the news with you.

The Police said that when left under direct sunlight in hot weather, the sanitiser and the gloves may catch fire as they are flammable.

Sanitisers contain alcohol components that are flammable and shouldn’t be left inside cars. People should be careful and adhere to the requirements of fire safety,” said authorities.

If sanitisers are left unshielded in the sun or high temperature inside the car, it could lead to a fire or explosion.

The Police also advised drivers to not completely shut their car windows if they are to be parked for a long period of time in the sun. You can also consider these handy tips to keep your car cool in the UAE summer.

The Police also warned about the dangers of coming near an open flame in the kitchen after the use of hand sanitizers. They said that parents should educate children on the dangers associated with using sanitisers and protect themselves in the kitchen.

Don’t litter the streets with face masks and gloves

The Police have also warned the public against littering the streets and facilities with used face masks and gloves.

The police also said that some people also have a habit of throwing the used gloves and masks out of the windows. Doing so can spread diseases and harm the environment.

The police officials also announced that anyone caught dumping the masks and gloves on the roads will be fined 1,000 AED and six traffic points.
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