Uber Launches Volvo Self Driving Car!

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Uber has now launched a vehicle with self-driving capabilities. The autonomous car will come with traditional controls like brake pedals and steering wheels designed for use by computers instead of humans. Even though the Sweden-assembled car wouldn’t be available in UAE just yet, interested buyers can always hop on to CarSwitch.com for used cars in Dubai

Chief Scientist of Uber Advanced Technologies Raquel Urtasun, displayed the company’s artificial intelligence tech that enables it to travel in autonomous mode over large distances on the highways without any navigational support and maps. Interestingly, though, the self-driving car will plan its navigation system while on the road and take the best possible route available.

Our goal is to get each one of you to where you want to go much better, much safer, cheaper,” Urtasun said.

As the race to be the bigger and better autonomous vehicle manufacturer increases, other companies are also gearing up to introduce their spin-off versions. 

Ford motors Co. requested permission from the U.S regulation authorities to launch a fleet of driverless cars by the end of 2019 but they are still awaiting approval.

A UAE based car manufacturing company, W motors, will be launching MUSE, with a fully electric, level 4 and level 5 autonomous system by the first half of 2019.

In October last week, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority launched the test tun of its first autonomous riding service in GITEX. The plan showed the company’s commitment to turn 25% of Dubai’s transport autonomous by 2035. 

General Motors is also levelling up its autonomous business by hiring more people to work on Cruise, a branch of GM that develops autonomous vehicle technology.

Formerly, Uber had bought around 250 XC90 SUV’s and renovated them for autonomous use.

According to May Hofer, the new vehicles will be embedded with the code number 519G will be more reliable and will follow superior standards for safety and will replace the old cars from the uber fleet soon.

The autonomous Volvo vehicle will also get a backup system for both breaking and steering system. In addition to that, it will also come equipped with state-of-the-art cybersecurity system and a backup battery option.

In the meantime, however, traditional cars are not going anywhere. You can log onto CarSwitch.com for quality assured and pre-inspected used cars in Dubai. Happy shopping!