5 Tips to Check Your Car Engine Oil in Dubai

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The engine is the heart of every car (excluding electric cars) and the longevity of your possession depends on the kind of care you’re giving to that engine. One of them is using engine oil properly. A high-quality liquid effectively lubricates the internal components that rub against each other. If proper lubrication procedures aren’t followed, these components can become severely damaged or worn out over time, which will ultimately lead to engine failure and countless trips to workshops. Not to forget, this will also make it difficult for you to sell your car. Here are some important tips to check your car engine oil in Dubai.

1 – Visual inspection goes a long way

It’s easier to know the quality of the engine oil just by looking at it. If you purchase a brand new bottle with that oil and open it for the first time to check out the contents, the liquid sports a golden honey brown colour. If your engine is properly maintained, then the colour will be maintained brown and when it starts to turn black or goes completely black, that’s when you know it’s time to get a changeup done.

However, there is one instance where this texture doesn’t hold true and that’s in diesel engines. In such vehicle types, the oil can look black immediately because of an increase in carbon content made by combustion temperature when compared to a petrol engine.

2 – Check the smell and feel of the oil

If you can’t visually inspect the engine oil, then perhaps your strong sense of smell or touch will do the job. If the oil smells overly burnt, then it’s time you change it. Furthermore, if you rub the oil between your fingers, and it has an abrasive feel to it or something that doesn’t feel smooth, that’s another sign that the oil needs to be changed.

3 – Know the right kind of oil to increase engine life

There are three kinds of oil that exist and your engine will need one of them. They are synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional oil. How will you know which one is best? That’s simple really; just consult your car’s manual.

4 – Checking engine oil weekly

This might sound like overkill, but giving a weekly inspection of your engine will keep you informed when it’s time to make a change. You can enable reminders on your smartphone for weekly or bi-weekly inspections to help keep your engine running at optimum performance.

5 – Know when to change engine oil after a certain distance

Some car engines require an oil change after a given distance has been covered. For the more efficient engines running in modern-day vehicles, you have the freedom to cover more kilometres before changing the oil. If you have an older car, the distance will be less in comparison, which means frequent engine oil changes will be necessary.

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