All You Need To Know About Driving In Bus Lanes in Dubai

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Bus lanes can sometimes cause confusion as there are many different rules to be followed. For instance, some of the lanes don’t permit other cars to use them at all. So, whether you are a bus driver or any used car driver, there are certain things you need to know about bus lanes.

Bus Lanes 101

Before diving into more details, there are some basic things you need to know. For instance, bus lanes are usually on the left side of the road and are generally reserved for buses only. They are usually indicated by a dashed or solid white line.

Some cities also design a separate road system for buses, which is free from all other types of vehicles. According to research, a good many motorists unknowingly drive in a bus lane and this results in fines usually.

It goes without saying that you must abide by all the rules while traveling on a bus lane, such as giving way to other buses and driving safely.

Don’t Forget To Read The Signs

This rule is universal and applies every time you are out on the road, no matter which vehicle you are driving. A bus lane can be identified using signage and line markings. Usually, there is some sort of indication on the side of the road to tell you that there is a bus lane ahead. The signage will also contain other details, such as where the lane starts and you will continue to be guided until the ends.

Similarly, there are also line markings on the road to help drivers identify a bus lane. Also, it’s worth mentioning that bus lanes aren’t always strictly reserved for buses only and other vehicles such as tourist coaches, emergency vehicles, limousines, taxis, and bicycles may be found on it too. However, if you spot a sign that explicitly says that only buses are permitted, then no other vehicle can use that lane.

Other Things To Remember

 You are legally permitted to be on a bus lane up to 100m when either entering or exiting a road. However, be on your guard and be proactive to steer clear of accidents. Some bus lanes also permit other vehicles to be on the lane at specific times during the day. And needless to say, never leave your car unattended in a bus lane unless signage explicitly allows you to do so. And lastly, taxis are usually allowed to stop in a bus lane to pick up or drop off passengers.

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