UAE Announces New Rules for Classic Car Registration

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Abu Dhabi police has announced that new rules will be followed regarding the classic car registration as of October 1st, 2018. The policy will be implemented after the standard issuance of the insurance and technical tests. So, if you are looking to renew or register your new or used car, here are the new rules!

Under the new system, classic cars will be categorized into two categories. The first is a one- year registration for cars that can be driven on all roads for AED 400 with a renewal fee of about AED 350, given that the car has passed the technical tests and has a 13-month insurance period.

The other category is for classic or vintage vehicles that are for mere exhibitionism and are unfit to be used on the roads. The registration of these vehicles require technical tests and an issuance of the insurance policy. Additionally, a three year registration fee of AED 1100 or a renewal fee of AED 1050 is also required.

The registration documents for these cars will categorically state: “Not allowed on roads”. In case the car needs to be moved, a recovery truck that is especially designed for the purpose can be used.

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