4 Types of Car Brakes You Need to Know!

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Brakes are definitely one of the most important safety features of your cars! Knowing the difference between types of brakes can be really helpful, especially if you want to get some repair work done yourself. In addition, getting to know such a vital part of car structure can also can in handy when you are buying a Dubai used car since you can get some inspection done yourself! Here are 4 types of brakes you must know of!

  1. Disc brakes: These are service brakes with a rotor that is attached directly to the wheel. The brake pads on each side of the rotor are squeezed by the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder. It is the friction between the rotor and the pads that causes the car to come to a halt.
  2. Drum brakes: The drum brake is joined to the inside of the wheel. When the brake pedal starts to contract, the hydraulic pressure presses the two brakes shoes against the brake drum. The friction causes the car to come to a halt.
  3. Emergency brakes: Emergency brakes also commonly known as parking brakes are another type of brakes that work separately from the service brakes. There are many different types of emergency brakes such as a third pedal, a stick lever between the passenger and the driver, a push button or a handle or lever near the steering wheel. Majority of the emergency brakes are powered by cables that apply pressure to the wheels mechanically. They are mostly used to keep a vehicle stationary while parked and are also used in situations where the stationary brakes fail to work.
  4. Anti-lock brakes: Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are a much newer addition in most vehicles. If stationary brakes are applied abruptly, the ABS prevents the tires from skidding by stopping locking up of the wheels. The feature comes in handy when driving on slippery, wet roads!

So, there you go! This was a short, yet useful guide on the type of braking systems in your car. Getting to know your car inside out can certainly save you a few bucks on your Dubai used car maintenance!

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