Cruise Safely Through Your Routes: Tips to Use Cruise Control

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Cruise control has successfully been a part of automobiles since the 1900s. It is a feature in cars that allows automatic speed control of your vehicle. In cruise control the car automatically monitors the throttle position to keep the car in balance. 

Whether you own a luxury car or a domestic one, the cruise control is one significant feature you would like on a long route . While driving for hours, your feet always call for some rest yet something to be precise and careful about.  

Here are some tips brought to you by CarSwitch, a top supplier of used cars in Dubai for a safe and convenient trip!

  • Weather Check

The cruise control is not supposed to be used in hazardous conditions(storms, rain, snow fall etc).  These weather conditions make the road slippery in which the speed is supposed to be constantly monitored. Never take a leap of faith and rely on the mechanics of cruise control. 

Travel in such weather is already considered risky even for professional drivers. It is important to understand the risk factor added to switching to cruise control. Know that the weather is kept under consideration while traveling as well as shifting to cruise control.
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  • Know Your Limits

Setting your car on a balanced speed is essential for cruise control. Exceeding the legal speed limit is highly risky if the car is on cruise control. Never exceed the highest speed limit while putting your car on cruise control. Nonetheless, the car should be in legal limits even if it is in manual mode. 

In case of an emergency, it is hard to shift the car to manual mode from cruise control if kept on a high speed. Even manual mode can end up in a disaster if you are unable to respond quickly. 
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  • Keep Eyes of a Hawk 

Staying alert and keeping an eye on the road is needed when the car is not in your complete control. The speed may be controlled automatically, however the unforeseen scenarios cannot be assessed by a machine. Staying alert and having an eye on the road can allow you to have a quick response in emergencies and save you from an accident. 

  • Keep Control

Before using the cruise control system on the road, never forget to study it well. Experimentation is a huge no when it comes to cruise control! Experimentation has a high risk of ending up drastically. Though the cruise control system activation can be found on the side of the steering wheel, older models of cars have stalks. Understanding the buttons or the stalk is extremely important for a safe drive. 

Adding to this, activating the system and putting the car on cruise control are two different steps. Do not believe that by only turning the cruise control system on your car is functioning on cruise control. There are other buttons to set the speed and put the car in the mode. In advanced cruise control systems there are additional buttons of “+” and “-” to control the speed. 

  • Know Your Road

Cruise control should only be used on roads with light traffic, like the highway. The car on cruise control cannot automatically control the speed if it comes in close contact with any vehicle. It is significant to have adequate space between the cars to avoid any unforeseen scenario. 

The modern adaptive cruise control systems come with front-mounted radar, cameras and sensors to detect any close vehicle contact in the lane. However, the simple cruise control system is still present in domestic automobiles and does not have such functions. Understanding your road becomes important before using cruise control. Lower the traffic, safer the cruise control.

Cruise control is a function that has been understood to be a reliable function for years, however if not used with care can be disastrous. CarSwitch wants to assure your safety and comfort in all ways and has brought you these tips to remember before you explore the cruise control in your car. Following these basics can give you both comfort and safety. To view cars with advanced cruise control systems check our website to see cars for sale in Dubai

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