How to Choose the Best Car for Yourself: 5 Steps

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Buying a car is very exciting whether it is your first car or an upgradation. However, the process could be a little overwhelming as the options available in the market are unlimited. Moreover, several things need to be kept in mind like the size, budget, seating arrangement, a new car or a used car in Dubai, on installments or full payment, a family car or a sports car, a city car or an off-road car, and so on.

Do a little research beforehand because this kind of investment is not something you do every day. If things don’t turn out as expected, it can not only affect your budget and disappoint you but there could be security issues too. So, a little guideline from our side, hope it will help. 

 Step 1: Evaluate your requirements 

This is the first step in choosing a car for yourself. What security features you need? Will kids be traveling along with you? What is the total number of people traveling with you? How much cargo space do you need? This all will help decide the size of the car. 

Also, how long is your daily commute? Would you be doing longer routes? Do you need to consider fuel efficiency? What are your tech requirements? And lastly, how much parking space do you have, at home and work? 

Step 2: Discuss your finances – Lease/Buy 

This is the next important point. The universal rule says that car payments should not exceed 15 percent of your take-home pay. Obviously, you have other expenses as well, so check your savings and how much you can spend on the car. If you opt for a new one on full payment, then what is the fuel efficiency? What will be the maintenance charges? And if you plan on leasing, then how much down payment can you make, then again maintenance and fuel charges. Also, what will be the finances if you opt for a used car both ways, full payment, and lease. 

Compare your total and long-term expense on the car. Also, in detail study the pros and cons of leasing and buying.

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Step 3: Do your research about car models or if you have a specific type of car in mind 

Is there a specific car in your mind, like an SUV or something sporty or you want something mini? Check the cars available in the market. Match the models of cars you prefer with your needs. Compare different models and specifications. Compare their prices as well. Also, check reviews by other people.

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Step 4: Check the cars available? 

Check the availability of the car in the market. If choosing a new car, keep your options to not just a single model or brand. Keeping in mind your finances, requirements and all the details shortlist at least three to five cars. Then choose based on how comfortable you find the car and your ease at driving it. 

Do the same for a used car. But remember to check for damages, check if it needs maintenance or the condition is good, discuss pricing based on features, and specifications. Consider taking help from an expert or a person with some experience of buying used cars.

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Step 5: Take a test drive 

When you schedule a test drive, try to set appointments back to back. It will not only help you better compare but also let the dealer understand and give you time to decide. Don’t feel pressurized, drive the car on different speed levels, get in and out of the car several times, sit in the back seat for some time as well while the car is on the road. Let the car drive over bumps and heavy traffic, test the brakes, again and again, check for the little details, open and close the windows, switch on and off the gadgets, check the AC, power seats, locks, interior, exterior, and cargo space. All these things could only be checked at this time so pay attention. 

Lastly, it’s better to sleep over your decision and in the morning with a fresh mind, make your decision. Keep your mind open to all your needs and have the confidence to walk away from a car, even if you love it if it does not fulfill any of your needs. You are the one spending your money, spend it wisely! If you want to buy a pre-inspected, reliable, and certified car for sale in Dubai, can help. We provide a hassle-free and transparent buying and selling experience. Happy shopping!

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