Tesla’s Cybertruck Is a Little Too Futuristic!

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Tesla’s Cybertruck might just be too futuristic!
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Elon Musk recently unveiled the all-new Tesla pickup truck and we’ve been hearing about it since. Where many people have pre-ordered the new electric truck, others didn’t want anything to do with it which led to it having polarized reactions. However, you must decide for yourself whether you’ll be willing to sell your car in Abu Dhabi if this truck comes to the UAE. CarSwitch.com gives you the complete details on the all-new Tesla truck. 

Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk, has criticized the pickups of other brands often so much so that he made the news when he called out Dodge Ram’s towing capacity for being puny. Now, let’s see what he’s done himself.

This new electric truck called Cybertruck was unveiled at an event in Los Angeles, where it’s body was crash tested using a sledge hammer. Its mirrors were also tested using a metal ball but that didn’t go so well as it resulted in a major cracking, which was a little embarrassing. At this Elon Musk added “Not bad.. Room for Improvement.”

Now, let’s get into the details. The Cybertruck has an almost impenetrable exterior body (known as the exoskeleton) in order to guarantee the ultimate protection for its passengers. The material used is the Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. Similarly, it uses Tesla’s armored glass which is supposedly difficult to break however it didn’t appear unbreakable during the metal ball experiment. 

As per Elon Musk, this truck offers more capability in the same dimensions as the Ford F-150 and better performance than Porsche 911. We even saw a tug of war video between the Ford F-150 and the Tesla Cybertruck where the Tesla pick up was a clear winner. Similarly, we saw it going head to head with Porsche 911, in which the Cybertruck was victorious. 

The new Cybertruck will be able to adjust its ride height, thanks to the adaptive air suspension and Musk claims that it will have the highest clearance of up to 16 inches. It will also offer lockable storage space in addition to carrying cargo in its bed. The bed is covered by a tonneau sliding cover which looks pretty futuristic. 

All this aside, the most important element of the truck is its performance number. It is offered in three trims with the base trim priced at $39,999. Among the three trims, the performance level of the highest trim which is a tri-motor AWD is the most impressive. It carries a price tag of $69,999. Depending on the trim level, the Tesla truck goes from 0-100 kph in anywhere between 2.9 to 6.5 seconds. Its range varies from 250 miles to 500 miles, depending on the trim you choose. The top of the line trim can tow around 14,000 pounds, which is 500 pounds more than the F-150. It also has 110V and 220V onboard outlets. Apart from that, it comes with Tesla’s autopilot which offers self-driving and auto-parking as well. 

This new Cybertruck has received a lot of criticism for its looks. It looks incredibly simple and futuristic so much so that it does seem a little ahead of its time. Tesla’s Cybertruck has received mixed reviews. However, it’s possible that it grows on you like many other strange cars we’ve seen. Though, Elon Musk claims that the truck has already received 200,000 pre-orders. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

The new Tesla pickup truck will go into production towards the end of 2021 so you have plenty of time to decide whether this truck is worthy enough for you to sell your car in Abu Dhabi. However, we’re not even sure if it will make it to the UAE. But you can always search for your beloved car models that are already available on CarSwitch.com.

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