Self-Driving Taxis Might Be Coming to Dubai Soon!

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Self-driving cars have been in the news for a while now. Even if we won’t be seeing them as used cars in Dubai anytime soon, it’s great news that they will be available as taxis very soon. According to a report by Gulf News, the autonomous taxis have successfully passed their trial phase.

In 2018, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed the first autonomous taxi at Gitex. As per one of the developers of the taxi, it has demonstrated its competence. It seems to have proven successful in passing the safety protocol for cars and will be seen on the Dubai roads soon.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, self-driving taxis will be a revolutionary development. Also, one of Dubai’s targets is that 25% of all transportation will be autonomous by 2030.

According to Gulf News, Ton Bijlaart, the Managing Director of DG World has said that one taxi is now available to prove the concept. Moreover, they can build more of these taxis easily. He also pointed out that the only issue isn’t the competence of the self-driving car.  Ground rules need to be put in place for this technology to be taken to the roads.

As previously concerns have been raised on who would be responsible for accidents by self-driving cars. Though, if these smart cabs have met the safety requirements, they might be a revolutionary means of commuting.

In addition, motorists who drive badly or distractedly can opt to use self-driving taxis instead of driving themselves. Above all, this will hopefully make Dubai roads safer.

So, seems like Dubai is closer to getting a self-driving taxi and it’s good to hear. Unfortunately, autonomous cars remain as taxis as yet and there is no sign of them among used cars in Dubai. But let’s keep our hopes high.

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