Galadari Automobiles Opens a Mazda Showroom in Sharjah

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A Mazda showroom was recently opened by Galadari Automobiles in Sharjah. Galadari Automobiles are the official distributor of Mazda cars across the UAE. The showroom has been opened to cater to the Emirati demand and showcases a variety of Mazda cars for sale.

The inauguration of the showroom was headed by Mohammad Abdul Latif Galadari and Sohail Abdul Latif Galadari, both of whom are directors of Galadari Automobiles.

The CEO of Galadari Automobiles stated at the opening ceremony, “The Galadari Brothers Group has been the distributor of Mazda in the UAE for 47 years now. We wanted to open a showroom in Sharjah mainly because of its potential owing to a high density of population”.

He further remarked that Galdari Automobiles has an exponentially positive growth curve and they owe that to the staunch professionalism and teamwork of its staff.

The showroom is situated on Al-Wahdat road, Sharjah. It offers services including cars for sale, leasing packages for old and new customers, and various finance offers.

The new showroom will serve Sharjah residents who are interested in Mazda vehicles. Moreover, it is another valuable addition to the success of Galadari Automobiles, which has been a reliable distributor for the past five decades. The showroom is a 65,000 sqft facility and can display 10 cars for sale at a time. 

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