RTA Launches VR Tech to Train Passenger Transport Drivers in Dubai

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The Public Transport Agency, which is part of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has become the first government entity in the Middle East to leverage virtual reality technology for the training of transport drivers. This training will only be imparted to public transport drivers and not used car owners in the UAE.

“The introduction of smart VR technology is part of a plan for privatising passenger transport training, and will be generalised later on to all contracted training institutes,” said Abdullah Al Meer, Director of Drivers Affairs at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“VR technology is easy to understand as it is built on the visualisation concept,” Mr Al Meer said.

He also stated that virtual reality technology has the potential to boost road safety in the Emirate.

Its phases include the inspection process for buses before receiving them, basic and follow-up trainings for drivers, rehabilitation of drivers that were involved in accidents, and responding to complaints by customers. The virtual training will be based on the real-time scenarios faced by drivers while encountering traffic in Dubai.

During the interactive training, drivers will be exposed to various road skills and get a chance to polish their skills. The system also enables a large number of drivers to be trained at the same time. 

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