Tick off the 7 Strangest Things Spotted at This Year’s Geneva Motor Show!

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This year’s Geneva Motor Show caught everyone’s attention. It was a sensory overload! We saw some great premiering cars for sale, but a lot was overlooked and much more was left to explore on the wild side.

Vehicles such as the Honda W-Prototype, Aston Martin’s mid-engine Vanquish Vision and the Koenigsegg Jesko were unveiled. But if you are one of the keen and quirky ones, then Geneva’s Palexpo has much more to offer. 

Carswitch.com has compiled a list of 7 of the strangest things spotted at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. 

1. GFG Kangaroo

With its whacked doors, impressionable yellow indicators and tasteful name, the GFG Kangaroo definitely is not for the mild ones. 

Doubling as a kind of supercar concoction, this all-electric vehicle ranges up to 280 miles. Borrowing the name from its creators, Giorgetto Giugiario and his son Fabrizio, the car follows the same idea as the V10 diesel Audi Nanuk Quattro. 

2. Celebrity cardboard cutouts

We should have warned you when we said that the Geneva Motor Show had a lot to offer that we did not mean just cars! We also meant larger than life cardboard cutouts of charismatic personalities such as the German rally and auto-racing driver, Walter Rohrl. 

He is famous for his victories for Fiat, Lancia, Audi Porsche, Ford as well as the BMW.

3. Marbled Carbon Aero Wheel Elements 

Peering into one of the specifics was the variation in material. Of these, the marbled carbon fibre wheels that complemented the Porsche 911 GT2 RS were a surefire favourite. 

It seems like aero wheels are here to stay.

4. Token Flying Car

No real show is complete without a flying contraption. And this year Pal-V’s Liberty presented itself as a fully functioning flying car. You can take an air ride at 112 mph speed and at an altitude of 3500 metres, giving you a one of a kind experience.  Of course, such a novelty does not come cheap, with prices taking off from €229,000 (934,006 AED). However, this is still a steal in comparison to the likes of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire which range at a whopping €11 million. 

The Liberty has even more to offer, with it also serving as a three-wheeled vehicle. 

5. Lamborghini Tractor

Lamborghini has launched their very own Centenario tractor which rolls in at €250,000. A fully loaded attraction, it comes complete with a 2.2-litre inline-three that packs a 37 bhp in its six combined exhaust pipes. 

Interested folks should hurry up because Klima Lounge is producing only a limited five.

6. This Guy

Well, it’s safe to say that this picture of an adult male dressed in some sort of blue and white gear needs no further commentary.

7. Maybach Van

Geneva is famous for covering all areas of the vehicle world, which is why they have not left vans behind. This Maybach V Class Ertex Luxury Van was one of the highlights. The hefty  €175,000 price tag entails a luxurious ride on the road, one that is hard to match up to.

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