All You Need to Know About 2020 Mercedes AMG A45 S and AMG CLA45 S!

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2020 Mercedes AMG A45 S and AMG CLA45 S! sell your car in Dubai
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Mercedes has pumped up the 2020 AMG A45 S and AMG CLA45 S with an insane amount of power and it’s certainly impressive! They were recently revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with a dramatic 416 bhp. If you’re planning to sell your car in Dubai for something completely new, these cars might be worth the wait.

Kicking up a notch from the 2020 Mercedes AMG A35, A45 and CLA45 produce 382 hp with 480 lb-ft of torque. The AMG A45 can run 0 to 100 kph in only 4 seconds whereas the AMG CLA45 takes about 4.1 seconds. 

These S variants of the already popular A-class claim to have the most powerful 4-cylinder engine ever made. Both A45 S and CLA45 S come with the M139 2.0L turbocharged under the hood. It churns out 416 hp with a 500 Nm and goes from 0 to 100 hp in only 3.9 seconds and tops off at 174 mph. All the A-class versions are paired up with 4matic all-wheel drive and an 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

2020 mercedes

These new additions to the lineup have an aggressive look to complement its sporty performance. The most appealing exterior element of the A-class is the new S grille with the vertical slats along with larger air intakes. Moreover, both models have 19-inch wheels.

The regular AMG variants of both of these models are packed with various driving modes. Being a little more enthusiastic, the S versions comes with an additional drift mode which takes inspiration from the fiery Ford Focus RS. On the drift mode, the rear differential allows sending torque to either of the rear wheels for better cornering. The drift mode comes optional with the non-S models as well.

To achieve all this, Mercedes had to give this hot-hatch a revised chassis, high performance brakes and adjustable suspension. 

Its power might be enough to convince motor-heads to sell car in Dubai and buy this car as soon as it comes out. Hopefully, these models will be available in the UAE by the end of this year. However, if you didn’t find this car intriguing enough, we’re sure you’ll find the right car on!

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