RTA Announces Mandatory License Plate Upgrade

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Dubai used car

New and Dubai used car owners are required to upgrade their license plate number by 2020, RTA officials have announced. The RTA also announced that the rule would apply to cars that are registered under private companies, government departments and to private owners.

The new rule

Announcing the new rule in a tweet, they mentioned that, “ As of January 1, 2020 it is mandatory for all personal vehicles to get the new designed license plates. As for vehicles owned by private and public sectors, their license plates can be changed starting July 2019.”

Additionally, as of January 2019, they will start issuing the new generation of redesigned number plates. As of July next year, RTA will start the mandatory issuance of the new plates to vehicles registered in the name of public and private organisations,” official statement by the RTA claims.

Why are they upgrading?

The cost of changing the license plate ranges from AED 35 for short plates and AED 50 for long plates. The decision to change the Dubai used car license plate number falls in line with the goal of standardizing Dubai design plates. The upgraded license plate will feature three key elements: Dubai code, number and brand.

How to change your license plate number

You can log on to RTA’s website in order to change your license plate. In addition, you can also pay for it online and pick it up from the nearest RTA center.

Hop on to traffic.rta.ae and follow the following steps:

  1. You need to give your new or Dubai used car plate details.
  2. You can pick a style of your choice.
  3. For extra charges, you can select the colored Dubai logo.
  4. After you have designed your new plates, you can select your nearest RTA centre from where you can get the upgraded license plate.
  5. Payment can be made on the website.

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