Pedestrians, Be Careful or You Might Get Fined on UAE Roads!

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Pedestrians be careful or you might get fined!
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If you drive a used car Dubai, make sure to give priority to pedestrians in their designated areas in Dubai, UAE. At the same time, pedestrians crossing in non-designated areas will have to pay a fine! tell you all about it in its latest scoop.

Sharjah Police is looking out for your safety by preventing run-over cases! Pedestrians who will cross roads outside of a pedestrian walking area will be have to pay a fine of AED 400.

Moreover, there is also a strict warning for owners of used cars Dubai to keep road safety regulations in mind. Car owners must stop at pedestrian crossings to avoid any mishaps. As per Article 43, drivers who will not give preference to the safety of the pedestrians are to pay a fine of AED 500 with 6 black points. Similarly, Article 48 penalizes those owners of used cars Dubai who park their ride in a pedestrian corridor.

Sharjah Police officers are distributing pamphlets in different languages to guide people about crossing roads safely.

The purpose of this operation is to to increase public awareness of road safety regulations such as following road safety signs and keeping a check on their speed limit. These include following road safety signs and keeping a check on their speed limit.

Pedestrians should assure their safety by avoiding highways with a speed limit higher than 80 Km/hr. Additionally, they should only cross roads at zebra crossings or pedestrian bridges. Furthermore, car drivers should avoid over speeding.

Both pedestrians and drivers of used cars Dubai should keep safety their utmost priority. Similarly, we at have a 200 point inspection for every car so that buyers can have many safe and pre-inspected rides to choose from.