When to Replace Brake Pads of a Lexus in UAE?

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replace brake pads lexus uae
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Good and timely maintenance is crucial to the performance of automobiles. If you’ve just invested in a used Lexus in UAE, it is important to get all the parts checked periodically, and if necessary replaced, especially the brake pads. This guide by CarSwitch.com will help you understand everything you need to know about brake pads.

What are Brake Pads? 

Brake pads create the friction that stops the car when they are pressed against the brake disc. Brake pads come in ceramic, metallic, organic, and composite materials. With use over time, these brake pads wear off affecting the duration taken by a vehicle to come to a halt. This is because each time they press against the brake disc or drum, a tiny part wears off. Brake pads are usually around 12mm in thickness. This might vary depending on the type and material of the pads and they generally work fine until they become 3 or 4mm thin. At this point, you will start noticing changes in the efficiency of your brake system of your used Lexus in UAE. If you don’t replace them at this point, it can lead to multiple potential problems with your brakes which will not only be costly but can be life-threatening too.

How Do You Know it’s Time to Replace the Brake Pads?

Brake pads usually need a replacement anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. It mostly depends on the material of the pads and the usage. Your driving conditions and the driving style also decides the lifespan of your brake pads. Heavy traffic and driving in a mountainous area increase the use of the brake pads causing them to wear off sooner. The best practice is to get these pads checked at every oil change. Moreover, new brake pads will be a plus point when potential buyers ask for a test drive of your used Lexus in UAE.

Though you should get the brake pads checked regularly, there are many telltale signs which can warn you about the brake pads wearing off. These include:

·Indicator Lights – Many cars today have a brake system that can warn you about the issues with an indicator light on the dashboard or an announcement when you start the car. Do not ever ignore the warning and schedule your appointment for a brake pad replacement ASAP. This will save you costly repairs in the future. At the same time, you are doing yourself as well as other drivers on the road a favor.

·The Car Takes Longer to Stop – Way before your indicator lights appear, you will start noticing that your car takes longer to stop when you press the brakes. One very obvious reason is that the brakes aren’t as responsive as they once were. It’s a good idea to get the brake pads checked in this case and plan a timely replacement.

·Squealing and Screeching Sound – When the brake pads are thin, your brakes start squealing and screeching with friction every time the brakes are pressed. This sound will increase with time turning to a grinding sound which means your brake pads have completely worn off now damaging the brake rotors. You should get the brake pads changed before it comes to this point if you don’t want to spend heavily on repairs that you can easily avoid otherwise.

·Vibration When You Brake – Sometimes there may not be any signs and the brakes appear to be working just fine until you start feeling your car shaking or vibrating whenever you press the brakes. This usually happens when there is something seriously wrong with the brake system. Get the brakes checked immediately in this case as the brake rotors might already be damaged and the brake pads wore off unevenly.

Why are the Brake Pads so Important?

Replacing your brake pads in a timely manner and maintaining an efficient brake system is even more important than the car engine. Why you might ask. Well, brakes and the brake pads not only make the driving smooth, but they are also, in fact, the lifesavers on the road. Look at your brake pads as one the most crucial parts for maintenance and replacement and never ever ignore even the very mild warning signs as this might eventually lead to life-threatening situations. Make them an important part of your car maintenance budget and plan for timely replacements always!If you are looking for a certified and inspected used Lexus in UAE, then be sure to check out some of the options on CarSwitch.com. It’s an easy way to find used cars in great condition at the best prices!

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